Hi there

While Silverlight is as everybody knows RUBBISH it IS a requirement for watching SKY GO on Windows. Sky GO on Android doesn't use it so It must be possible for Ms to have some other method of protecting DRM material.

So (and SKY GO is used by loads of SKY customers --particularly for Sport and Movies) as EDGE which (intentionally) doesn't support Silverlight people will have to keep IE11 for the foreseeable future - unless one wants to use CHROME - which I don't really like --YMMV on this one of course.

If Ms wants people to switch as quick as possible to EDGE they need to get current applications to work with it.

At least though SKY GO works on W10 !!.

(For those who don't know what SKY GO is - it's the service from the U.K Satellite Broadcaster SKY that people can use to stream programs on to their tablets, computers and phones - quite a good service BTW if you have SKY TV.

Good on some Rail services too in UK where trains have fast Wi-Fi available !!!