I made IE11 the default browser in Windows 10. When I go to Outlook 2003 and click on a link, it does not show up in IE11. When I go over to IE11, I am looking at the home page. If I x out that tab, I see the note that I clicked on in the screen area. It looks like it tried. I made FireFox the default and the link work. I then made IE11 the default again and used other apps that had links and they all opened pages in IE11. So it seems that it is an Outlook 2003 and IE11 problem. I found a couple of hits on Google where it discusses the problem but it says that I should see an error message when this happens and I do not see one. It also mentions using the Microsoft Fix it tool. When I go to the fixit tool, it states that Office 2003 is no longer supported and mentions the two messages that I do not see. Also, there is no fix-it for windows 10.

I know that Office 2003 is no longer supported but I ran out of Office 2010 licenses so I am running Office 2003 on this laptop. It worked fine under Windows 8.1.

I am wondering if anyone else had this problem or can offer me some guidance as to what to

I have switched to the Mail app where I send the messages to a Gmail account and get the messages using the Mail app and all works but I am not really excited about it.