How to get rid of Softonic pop ups

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  1. NMI
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       #11 has previously provided instructions on this forum for disabling these web notifications, and offered to assist via email if necessary:

    How to remove en.softonic malware [pop ups] that appears on desktop periodically

    There are also TenForums tutorials about disabling them in various browsers, e.g.:

    How to Allow or Block Website Notifications in Google Chrome in Windows

    A malware scan with any program won't help with this issue, as no related program has been installed on your computer.
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    to idgat

    to idgat - Just downloaded the free Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, it is not the same software as Malwarebytes, and ran a scan but it didn't pick up any malware, just three HP registration and support files, this laptop is HP.

    thanks I really appreciate all the help,

    - - - Updated - - -

    to NMI - OH WOW! Ok I followed the directions (after you click on the link) to block notifications in Firefox. I'll be back in a few days to let you know if it worked! These directions are a little confusing so I want to take some time and go thru them. Malware doesn't get rid of Softonics because it's not a malware? Who would'a thought?

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    BarbandCharlie said:
    What I mean by malwarebytes doesnt work is after the program runs, it didn't find the softonic adware, it says Pups 0 Pums 0 Threats found 0, Items quarantined 0, everything is 0, doesn't find anything.
    Absolutely nothing (Softonic aside) ? Extremely rare and surprising.

    Same with my AVG software.
    Now this part is not surprising in the least, and the presence of AVG might explain MWB not finding anything ... it's being blocked from doing its job. Software conflict.

    AVG - freeware version or paid? If you can re-install it (if you want to), try uninstallaing then running MWB.

    I have not yet tried the malwarebytes adware cleaner, Is that different from malwarebytes?
    Might be owned by but totally different malware/adware search criteria.

    As far as the browser adblocking add-ons, in all my browsers (Brave, IE, Edge, FFox, Vivaldi, Opera), I have both AdBlock Plus AND Ublock Origin installed.
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  4. NMI
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    Malwarebytes also has an informative page about web notifications and how to block them in most browsers:

    Browser push notifications: a feature asking to be abused
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    I've had a subscription to AVG for many years back when it used to be called Grisoft. Prior to that I had McAfee. I did try Malwarebytes adware cleaner (its not the same software as Malwarebytes) and got the same results, nothing. It finds nothing. AVG finds nothing also. I tried NMI's suggestion and changed Privacy and Security Notifications, so let's see if that works. He says Softonics popups are not malware? So that's why malware software doesn't detect it? Makes sense. One thing at a time. So far today, I havn't seen any popups from Softonics. But I'm not at my computer all day. They could be popping up and I'm not here to see them. I'll get back in a few days when I know more.


    - - - Updated - - -

    to idgat, To answer your questions, I have two computers, an old desktop and a new laptop. The new laptop is where the popups have been occurring after I downloaded Flash and Mozilla Thunderbird. When I said Ive been using AVG for many years, I was talking about on the old desktop. Sorry if I was confusing.

    I use the AVG subscription, the full version on my laptop, not the free version. I haven't used the laptop much at all since I bought it and there's not a lot of programs on it other than what it came with and the little bit I have installed. AVG on the laptop does find "performance issues" and "system junk" but it does not find any viruses or malware.

    Same with Malwarebytes, free, it does not pick up any malware on the laptop, I don't think the free version is designed to pick up junk, maybe the paid version does. I only downloaded Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes ad cleaner, as was suggested by forum users, to see if it would pick up softonics malware. I won't keep it. No need. I have AVG.

    Neither program, AVG (subscription) or Malwarebytes (free) or Malwarebytes adware cleaner (free) has found anything on the laptop, no malware and no viruses from AVG.

    I appreciate your help and hope that clears things up.


    - - - Updated - - -

    to NMI - I read the info you sent entitled "Browser push notifications: a feature asking to be abused." Everyone should read it! I am beginning to understand with your help all about these Softonic pop ups.

    When reading "How did I get them?" I remember seeing that window that asks do you want notifications, yes now I remember! I saw that window when I was downloading Mozilla Thunderbird! I thought it was from Mozilla asking if I wanted notifications from them, maybe about updates to their program? But that's not what it is! It's asking to reset Notifications so my computer will allow Softonic pop up ads! And I clicked on Allow Notifications. Well I'll be! So that's where it came from and that's how it got into my computer!

    So is Mozilla complicit with Softonics in tricking its customers into accepting these annoying, nuisance, disgusting pop up ads???

    I am still monitoring my computer after changing Notifications in Firefox to see if I get any more pop up ads from Softonics. So far I have not. I want to make sure that changing Notifications fixes the problem and then will be back in a few days to post a full explanation of how to get rid of these disgusting pop ups, step by step, and why malware and virus programs like AVG and Malwarebytes and Adware Cleaner don't detect these nuisance programs.

    I'll be back!

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    It has been six days now since I made changes in my computer's Privacy and Security. To date, I am Softonic free! No more pop up ads.

    Here's how to get rid of Softonic pop ups in Firefox. NMI in this posting provides links on how to get rid of pop ups in other browsers.

    1.Open Firefox browser, click on Menu (the three horizontal lines at the top right)
    2.Click on Options
    3.Click on Privacy and Security
    4.Scroll down and see Notifications - click on Settings to the right of Notifications
    5.See a window that says Settings - Notification Permissions - at the bottom of the window see Block new requests asking to allow notifications - check that box
    6.Save changes

    These pop ups are not malware. They are considered to be Notifications that you have given your permission to receive. Anti-virus software and malware programs are not designed to get rid of these pop ups, and they don't. They don't detect them.

    How did I get these pop ups? Where did they come from? In NMI's posts, there's a graphic of a window that I recognized but didn't remember. I saw it when I was downloading Mozilla Thunderbird. It asked if I wanted to receive notifications? Sure! I would like to get updates from Mozilla! So I clicked on Allow Notifications. I didn't receive any notifications from Mozilla, instead I got pop ups from Softonics.

    A couple of days ago, I received one email from Mozilla about their products and a pop up ad from Malwarebytes. To delete notifications from Malwarebytes - Settings (the graphic looks like the spoke in a wheel), Notifications, set to Off where it says Show all notifications in windows notification area.

    I appreciate all the help from Jacee, NMI, dalchina, idgat, and OldNavyGuy.

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