How do I get gmail to work on windows mail?

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    How do I get gmail to work on windows mail?

    I have a microsoft account, that is registered to my gmail; That is the username is When attempting to use the mail service in windows 10, that mail is already registered as an account. It reads " System error, can't get mail ", and that isn't very surprising because it seems to be registered as a hotmail account. If I go into its settings it is named "outlook mail" and has server "". It's quite easy to create a gmail account, but nothing shows still, and I suspect it's due to this account still being stuck with an error. It can't be deleted and don't seem to have the necessary pop3 and smtp settings for me to change and get it working. Anyone know how to sort this ?

    on a new gmail account, unlike outlook account, you're allowed to go into advanced settings where you can set all these. But the primary account don't seem to be possible to change or delete :s
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    The only problem I had, was that my AVG firewall blocked access to the Gmail server. I had to add some rules to it and then Mail could get stuff from my Gmail account.

    Maybe this is the same problem, although, I can't remember anything about

    With my Gmail accounts, I have the following servers:

    I hope this can help you!
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    That is what I get if I create a new gmail account. But it wont allow me to remove the premade account, the outlook account for my gmail (Due to my microsoft account being registered on my gmail). So I end up having two accounts in the mail for the exact same address, only that one of them is trying to connect through hotmail, and wont allow me to change it.

    At this stage I have yet to install any firewall, so this will not be the cause of any problems.

    Since you've clearly got Gmail to work on the client, I wonder, is your microsoft account a gmail address? And when you first used Mail did that address already stand as an Account?

    The source of my problem seem to be that the mail client has automatically created an account for the windows account, but seemingly trying to connect it up through microsoft rather than google
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    Sorry, I hadn't read that. No, I have an account for my Microsoft Account.

    It was originally a account, but when came online, my account became linked with the account.

    I can login as <name> or <name>

    If you have a Microsoft account linked with Gmail, maybe you also have an E-mail address that you can use instead. It's just a thought.
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    Changing my e-mail at this point is not an option, but it seems I don't have that either considering it giving me an error when attempting to sync... There's got to be a way, just have to find it

    But does this mean you have two accounts, in your Mail client? One @outlook that is the same as your microsoft account, and one @gmail account?
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    Yes. I login on my PC with my (Microsoft account) and it has its own mailbox. (This is also the account I use for everything related to Windows/Microsoft. => App Store, OneDrive, ...)

    And Gmail is another account that I have with Google, of course. Those two are completely separate from each other.

    How do you login on your account?
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    Just by writing my @gmail address as the account name.

    And you used the Mail's own "wizard" to create the gmail account? Where you select Google, then sign in and authorize it and it's all set and done. For some reason this doesn't seem to work for me, it gives no error (the error was with the outlook account), just don't sync anything, I can send though. I tried to create it with advanced options, but then it repeatedly requested a new password and when checking my e-mail it said: " Sign in attempt prevented, app didn't meet security standards ".
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    I send you a PM with a screenshot of my Mail setup. As you can see, I have plenty of accounts linked with it.

    The thing I don't get, is how you managed to use your gmail account for your Microsoft account. I have to confess, I never checked if you could do that, because I had a Hotmail account before I had a Gmail account.

    However, if you can login on, then you should check if you maybe also have an address. If they are linked, like you said, you should be able to login with the account in Windows and Mail, and still receive the Gmail e-mails on it. (Like I said, I didn't know this was possible.)

    Or maybe, I'm just getting you wrong and you want to tell me something else.
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    Yeah, looks pretty much like I expected, so no clues there. I too have the Outlook account (That was there from install and can't be deleted. Only mine goes to and doesn't work). And a Gmail account I've created later which wont sync.

    As for my windows account, when I first got windows 8, I was prompted the option to create a Microsoft account rather than the old local accounts, when creating this it asked for an e-mail and I entered my Gmail. So ever since then I've had a Microsoft account with It's not linked as such, it's just the username and the mail that the account is registered to (for password recovery and what not). Different password.

    But to log into live, skype, any microsoft login, I type and the password.
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    From what I can see form the PCs I have installed with Win10 so far, is that the Mail app is written in a way that it thinks that the first account, the Microsoft account, is always linked with the Hotmail/outlook mailserver.

    The only way to fix this, is by rewriting the code. You should contact Microsoft for this, and maybe some others have already done that as well. I'm sure you're not the only one who made an account with Microsoft this way.

    There is another option I can think about, but I don't know if this is even possible.

    I'm thinking about creating a new account, with its own mailbox and all the rest. And then, and this is the part I'm not sure about, maybe you could link it with your old account, so they get merged into one account. This way, you will be able to login with your outlook account, and have everything of your old account active in the new one.

    But to be sure of this, you probably will need to ask someone at Microsoft, or find some guide on the Internet, about how you have to do this.

    You're the first person I know with this problem, so it's also a guessing game for me.
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