Need help on Importing Outlook.pst from Win7 to Win10

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    Need help on Importing Outlook.pst from Win7 to Win10

    I'm slightly confused about importing my old Win7 Outlook.pst into my new Win10 with Outlook 2016.

    There are already about 3 weeks of emails and addresses on the new Win10 Home and I simply want to ADD the same from my Win7 so the Win10 will have the combination of both.

    When I get to the window that says "Select the folder to import from" it gives to choices:

    1. Import items into the currrent folder

    2. Import items into the same folder in (shows my current email).

    I assume I want #2 but the word "current" in #1 throws me a little.

    Am I correct in choosing #2
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    Even though it seems that you are doing it correctly, I am bound to urge you to create/check your Outlook file backups. But I cannot see over your shoulder.

    You are doing it correctly.

    Your Outlook opened its normal file [depending on your choices, it might be an .ost or it might be a .pst file] so that's #1
    You then manually opened #2, your old .pst.


    Upon re-reading your post, I am not at all sure what you are currently doing.

    Post a screenshot of the dialog to help me be sure about your situation.


    I'll be back online in about nine - twelve hours and will check in then.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 21H2 Build 19044.1776
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    What type of email account is it - POP(3) or IMAP/Exchange ? If the latter, you don't need any export/import process.

    Normally, for importing between installations ...
    - copy the .pst file to a "neutral" location (e.g. Desktop). That way, if anything goes pear-shaped, you've still got the original file intact.
    - importing the old file will just add to any existing entries. Note that depending on your settings, it is possible you will end up with duplicates - left on the server and downloaded to the new installation (i.e. the 30 or so you mention in your OP) and then those in the old .pst which were also downloaded just before changeover. Just a little bit of manual work to delete duplicates.
    - before you import, backup your existing (new/current) .pst file
    - open the Import option, locate the copied .pst file, and import
    - choose #2 to the same folder (i.e. the same email account), and I always like to keep the option about creating duplicates ... that leaves the decision about what is a duplicate to me (the user) rather than MS import process deciding what you want and what should be ignored/deleted.

    Alternatively, if you choose the "wrong" option (although there's no such thing) and the import goes to a different account, you can simply open each folder (Inbox, Sent, etc) and select-all-click-and-drag all the emails into your current folder(s) (or wherever you want them)

    AGAIN, note this is only necessary for a POP(3) account - if it's a IMAP/Exchange account, the emails should still be on your email server and will populate the new installation automatically.

    EDIT : Re-reading your OP, if you've only got 30 or so new emails then sounds link it's a POP(3) accout. Might be worthwhile checking with your email service toi see if switch over is possible. POP email is s-o-o-o yesterday
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    "- choose #2 to the same folder (i.e. the same email account)"

    Thanks, #2 is what I thought was right but I felt better checking.
    Our email is POP and they are kept on the server also.
    What is the advantage of IMAP and I'll check with Spectrum?

    I wanted to Import so as not to erase any new email/contacts that are existing.
    Don't worry I'll make copies of everything just in case.


    Previously I experimented on my other existing Win7 by importing the Win10 to see if it did what I wanted.
    But I thought I would feel better asking that one question above now that I am doing it for real.

    Thanks guys,

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