Wynona said:
OK, folks, I'm in contact with friend who's been an Outlook MVP since 1999, so I'm thinking she knows what she's talking about. :)

For those who're unable to use IE to open links in Outlook 2003 through 2013, go to her site and see if this solution will work for you.

Outlook Links Wont Open In Windows 10

Good luck and be sure to post your results.
I almost just gave up after so many pages in this thread where people didn't read the previous posts and repeated stuff that didn't work or didn't understand the issue.
I thought I would just have to live with it.
Works amazingly!
Thanks Again!

{Edit} One thing in the article didn't work. The links do not open in tabs, no matter which way the information is put into the registry. {/Edit}
{2nd Edit} Nevermind, I missed the first part of the sequence. I just noticed the quotes at the end and just added them, that didn't work. I had to also add the "cmd /c START " BEFORE the link information. {/2nd Edit}