Chrome freeze --- is there finally a fix?

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    Chrome freeze --- is there finally a fix?

    My new work laptop has the Chrome-freeze problem. That is, when I click/focus on a Chrome window everything freezes for a second or two ... and then resumes. Very annoying

    No such problem with other apps. It even has me using IE just to avoid the problem. Yes ... the freeze is annoying enough for me to use IE for the first time in 15 years! I've sunken that low!

    But enough is too much! Is there a fix?

    Someone online said "I had Chrome 74 ... and I fixed the problem by reverting to an older version." Well ... I have version 84 ... and I'm on a corporate locked-down laptop so I can't install a different version.

    Online folk remedies include resetting the graphics driver with ctrl alt windows pump-iron push-ups jumping-jacks granola B, or some such contortion. Didn't work.

    Reboot. Didn't work either.

    Is there a fix? Or am I condemned to use IE?
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    Have you disabled all extensions ?

    Have you cleared all browsing data ?

    Is your Corporate locked down laptop using a VPN or maybe a proxy server ?

    What AV is in use ?

    Any other privacy / security tools loaded on by corporate ?

    Has Corporate enforced any other options is Chrome settings ?
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    I found my fix.

    The laptop is connected to a dock. The dock plugs into the thunderbolt jack on the side of the laptop.
    The dock has a bunch of USB 2 and USB 3 jack, plus an HDMI jack and two display port jacks.

    One monitor was connected to the dock via a normal HDMI-HDMI cable.
    The other was connected using a display port-to-HDMI cable.

    The fix: Unplug the HDMI cable from the dock and plug it into the HDMI port on the laptop. Done. No more stuttering.

    The clue/symptom that led me to this ...

    The laptop has the usual low-end integrated graphics, but it's a high-end workstation so it also has an upgrade graphics card (AMD I think). When opening the AMD graphics card control panel ... it showed NO MONITORS DETECTED. Yet I have both monitors working. So ... they must be tied to the integrated graphics card.

    If I had paid good money for that graphics card upgrade I'd be pissed off. But this is a work laptop, and I don't do gaming. So it's really moot. But the fact that the upgrade card could not "see" the monitors was a clue. That's why I moved the HDMI cable from the dock to the laptop.

    I would have moved the display port plug from the dock to the laptop, too. But the laptop only has a mini display port jack. I don't have that kind of cable. I only have the maxi plug.

    But it did not matter. Moving just the HDMI to the laptop solved the problem.
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    Interesting addendum: Before finding this fix ... I was so annoyed by the stuttering that I killed Chrome and ran IE. Yes, IE. I haven't used that in about fifteen years!

    But with IE running (and no chrome running) there was no stuttering. I figured I'd live with IE. It may stink ... but it's not as bad as the stuttering.

    Then I discovered that the corporate settings do not allow IE to remember login names and passwords. I'd have to re-enter them every time! Making matters worse is that the company is "split" for legal reasons, so I have different account names and passwords for corporate stuff (HR, etc) vs. my division's applications. So I have to remember which systems use which logins and which passwords.

    That's about as bad as the stuttering problem. This was becoming a fuster cluck.

    But after the cable swap, detailed above, all's well here on the frontier.
    I can use Chrome again. And he remembers login names and passwords.
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