Text to Voice Edge Replaement

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    Text to Voice Edge Replaement

    I have been using the Edge Text to Voice tool. Much to my chagrin, I found today that it has been removed. I looked at a few on the extensions only one worked and it did not have the same functionality as the one that has been removed. In desperation and immediate need I installed the Text to Voice app. But very regrettable it requires a cut and pastd-and-it re-formats my letters into 40-column mode, to my chagrin.

    I really liked the old one because could import a *.pdf of my work, listen to it, stop it to make corrections on the text version, run it forward and back, .....

    This is a CRITICAL too for me when crafting professional letters.

    Any suggestion for one that has the same functionality as the one Microsoft took out of Edge?

    Know of one that works directly with LibreOffice Writer that does the same?

    Thanks for any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Hi, I still have the old Edge Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 not 'Edgium'. The reading feature still works.

    Just wondering at what point your Text to Voice tool disappeared? (What is your build?)

    A Windows upgrade? MS's 'new' Chrome-based Edge replacing Edge?

    Narrator can read text of course. (Ease of Access feature).
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    There are comparisons of other tools: search for e.g.
    best read text aloud in windows

    The best free text to speech software | TechRadar
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    @Mikeincousa:I have the very recent Version 83.0.478.58 (x64) and no, it has not disappeared. There is still a Read Out Loud feature, which, however, doesn't convince me anything. The one that Google has is much more convenient. It's called Read-aLoud.Why don't I be convinced by the Edge? Well, because I read press. And the Edge Reader starts reading, you don't know where. It doesn't fit the news, but it starts to read anything on the page. It's nerve-wracking. Anyway, someday, the Insiders go, they realize it and fix it. I thank the Insiders in advance.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Maybe I should have stated what I am looking for is a pdf to voice reader?
    There seems to be a cut between ASCII and PDF for this?

    I stay away from Chrome because of the advertising.

    I took a quick look at the free apps. I am not seeing anything in the leads to suggest they can read pdf's. It would take more time and research to sort them then test them.

    If there is a roll back feature for the current Edge that would solve my problem. No new learning curve would be required.

    I do not know when the tool disappeared. It has probably been a couple of months since I last used it.

    How do I go about checking my Windows version and the Edge version. Sorry I do this so infrequently I forget.

    Have to run. Thanks again for the inputs.

    I will look forward to the next round.
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    As already suggested:


    You don't need to view PDF's in your browser. You can use any other PDF Reader to view them.

    EDIT: It works with the file formats listed regardless of whatever your default office program is.
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    View PDF

    This one works pretty well:

    Brilliant Free pdf reader on Linux VM's (okular)

    I currently use:


    There are plenty of others.

    You can still use your browser to open PDF's via [CTRL+O] when your browser is running then navigate to file.
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    Do you know if any of these have a read-aloud feature with the ability to start,, stop, back up, and more (like that was in Edge before they removed it?
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    Hi Everyone, Have you tried read aloud test to speech, one of the Edge add ons. It does have the buttons in the settings to stop, go back or go forward.

    Text to Voice Edge Replaement-2.pngText to Voice Edge Replaement-edge-extension.png
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    Mission Accomplished

    Hello All:

    ReadAloud is the best *.PDF reader for my needs.
    I figured out how to make it the default *.pdf reader using this tutorial:
    How to change the default PDF viewer in Windows 10 - Business Insider.
    Mission accomplished!
    Thanks to all.
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