Here are my computer specs:

CPU: 5960x
Mobo: ASUS Rampage V Extreme
RAM: 16 GB @ 2800MHz

That said, I'm using Google Chrome (it's always fully updated), supposedly it's a 64-bit browser, as far as I can tell (it doesn't specify 32-bit in the Task Manager)

When Watching a Facebook Live streamed in HD (720p), the rest of my browser gets very slow. In looking at my Task Manager, my CPU is bouncing around 10%-11%, and my RAM is at roughly 54%, with Google Chrome occupying nearly 2GB of RAM. All other performance percentages are anywhere from 0% to 2% (Disk, GPU).

Why on Earth would my browser slow so much if it was truly 64-bit and if my system resources are not maxed? Maybe there are RAM usage limits on Chrome that I'm unaware of? Or other reasons?