I recently installed a cheap Windows 10 Pro Graymarket version 1903 as my project required the use of Hyper-V for Docker.

In my previous version (genuine retail copy of Windows 10 Home 1903) this issue never arose. Now, the mouse scroll never works in any browser till i force restart the laptop.

I've run chkdsk as well as sfc/scannow, both showed a clean bill of health, no issues.

PS> Scroll works anywhere else though: Office, Intellij IDE, wordPad. Just browsers. Anyone kind enough to share some advice? I'm going crazy using the keyboard/trackpad to navigate Chrome/Firefox man. T_T

*Old grandfather's story unrelated to whatever this thread is about above so if you want a tldr, dont read below*
Its not the first time I've had trouble with graymarket keys either. My last laptop i got a Windows 10 pro key for cheap, this time, Brightness controls failed, and keyboard controls(crtl-z, crtl-x) all failed.

So, i brought it into the manufacturer's service center thinking it was a mobo issue. They replaced my OS with a GENUINE Retail Windows 10 Pro, and viola, zero issues whatsoever.

I'm really curious. Is Microsoft intentionally hunting down graymarket keys and defecting them on purpose?

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UPDATE: Updating to 1909 seemed to have fixed this. For now. More confusion!