Got it! This was the solution I have been looking for! NMI nailed it right on the head! You cannot imaging how long and how many times I tried to get this to work the way I wanted! I was actually afraid this was another endless loop but the more I went with GP Edit (in that tutorial), the more anticipation I had. All I can say is a HUGE thank you to member NMI! Now, if someday, I meet this member NMI, I will buy the first, second, third, and maybe a few more (if we have a designated driver cuz I don't drink n drive)! Many thanks to others that tried, without trying nothing can be accomplished. Believe me, all suggestions were tried but none worked. I just hope the next update to 10 doesn't reset all these configurations that I selected. With my aging mind/memory, I'll be starting over all over again all over again... ooops...!

NO MORE on this issue (which is a good thing), the lumps were beginning to form a head of its own...

I will leave this post open for three more days, just in case someone else would like to post a comment!