Logging In problems (Technical issue)

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    Logging In problems (Technical issue)


    I'm looking for networking / technical web browsing expert for your advice please and wondering if anyone would be so kind to share some suggestion what to do. Due to extreme urgency, I'm unable to wait for some website's support to respond anymore.

    I am trying to log in on one out of tens of billions of websites but cannot do so. I'm not being redirected from logging in webpage to next landing (dashboard) webpage, no matter what. Since I'm asking for more general help, I believe telling you which website is it won't help. Besides this, there is very large possibility that you don't have account there so you wouldn't be able to test the case.

    I have been having technical issue with particular website (logging in webpage). The website worked fine yesterday and even today - very early morning in GMT time. However, since then, the website hasn't been working for me for the past, at least, 15 hours. My technical problem is logging in related: When I input email address and password and click on button Log In, I am NOT being logged in. Not being redirected to dashboard and want to emphasize there is no error message. The only thing I see is, after clicking the button, extremely hard to see very light green color circle which is circulating around (its color in the circle). That circle is basically inside the button's area. However, webpage is not loading. This dynamic circle is being shown all the time. Nothing happens. Latest time I successfully used particular website was around 15 hours ago. Since then, nothing changed on my computer. Just cannot log in. It is holding me on sign in webpage forever.

    The list of what I have tried so far is:

    1. Tried to log in on three different browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome
    2. Made sure all browsers are up to date
    3. Made sure all browsers include basic addons such as Java.
    4. Cleared cookies multiple times (all browsers) in settings and also using cookies cleaning software CCleaner. I checked three times that all cookies (temp. files) are successfully cleaned. Entire cache is cleaned.
    5. Cleared entire registry folder just in case if something could be wrong with registry.
    6. Rebooted computer
    7. Shut down computer and restarted
    8. Used three different virus cleaning applications. I was sure my computer is clean but wanted to do it anyway. All was ok.
    9. Rebooted internet browsers multiple times
    10. Tried to temporarily disable antivirus program and firewall
    11. Tried to reset my router.
    12. Made sure Javascript is enabled
    13. Went through the Settings of each of used browsers to see if there is anything unusual. Everything is OK. I barely used my computer in the time between logging in worked and since the moment it doesn't.
    14. Reinstalled two (firefox, chrome) out of three used browsers.
    15. Pinged the domain to check availability and it's working fine. Also if I visit the website, NOT being logged in, and do some browsing on the website, everything is OK. No particular delay, no issues with webpage loading (other than what follows from sign in).
    16. Contacted their support. I'm not saying they are ignoring me but they are just too slow with responding. Every minute my case is getting more and more urgent.

    For the third time I would like to repeat that there is no error message. So this automatically means email address and password are fine but it's not moving me away from sign in webpage and not redirecting me to dashboard (landing webpage).

    The problem came literally out of nowhere. Since it happened basically automatically, possibility exist that it will be, as weird as it sounds, automatically solved too but my case is pretty much urgent and I cannot wait when automated solution, if any, will happen.

    The circulating color in the circle looks like the one in attached file. It is circulating all the time so this most likely cannot be seen on the image. Kindly try to imagine green color, equaling around 5% of circle's circumference, and all the time circulating around the circle. This is happening for hours. No matter which browser. I'm looking for suggestion what to do other than waiting for their technical team to respond.

    Could you help please?
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    If you have a system restore point before this happened...try that.
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    I don't have.

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    Could anyone please help?
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    Your time appears to be the same as mine.

    Having the URL/Address of a problem Web site can be helpful even if we can't log in without having an account, will get an error that the username and password are incorrect, can't be found. Since you aren't not getting that far it's hard to say whether the problem is with your computer or the site itself or blocking by your antivirus/firewall or your ISP.
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    I tried to sign in from different computer with, on purpose incorrect email (username) and/or password. Result: No message occurred saying either of those are incorrect. Same endless situation of circulating green color in the circle inside area of Sign In button.

    No antivirus is installed. I put firewall OFF on purpose. Network connection works very well, including with that exact problematic website: browsing, without being logged in, works well. We are talking just about logging in functionality which doesn't even produce incorrect email (username) / password error message. From one computer I'm logging in with 100% correct info. From another computer I'm logging in with 100% incorrect info. Same technical problem with logging in functionality from both. Support doesn't answer. What worries me the most is the fact that website is perfectly accessible.

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    why is everyone ignoring me?
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    ConfusedPerson said:
    why is everyone ignoring me?
    I don't think you are being ignored, it's just important to know that all of us here are volunteering our time and experiences in helping others, sometimes a helper with experience with a situation hasn't visited or seen the question/s. Most times things are not happening as immediately as one likes.
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    While you have tried a different computer I would imagine the system seeing the request sees the same IP address. That of your residence.

    If you have a wireless laptop and a smartphone with data I would enable hotspot and try there. Make sure cell phone is only connected to cellular network. You are trying to come in on a different IP.

    Use your proper user name and password. Sending more invalid requests against the server is lightly tightening the screws that this IP is attacking.
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    Other IP was from different country and I asked a friend who is once again from different country to try is he gets username/password invalid message. Result was the same as on my side: no error message, absolutely no redirecting or loading of any kind upon clicking Log In button.

    I'm using both proper username, password and on purpose incorrect one to test if I get invalid u/p message. Nothing works.
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  9. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Can your friend sign in?

    If so, use your user name and go through the process, "I forgot my password".

    Reset your password and then attempt to sign in.
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    Open an Elevated Command Prompt:

    Open Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10

    Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.

    Then type ipconfig /registerdns and press enter.

    Then type ipconfig /release and press enter.

    Then type ipconfig /renew and press enter.

    Lastly type netsh winsock reset and press enter.

    Now restart your computer.

    Then change DNS:
    Change IPv4 and IPv6 DNS Server Address in Windows
    Use a DNS Server from the list: "Item 7. To Use Custom or Third-party DNS Server Address"


    If you get the same problem run your browser with all addons disabled just in case one of them is interfering.

    Also to rule out problems with the website use another machine and attempt to login.
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