eMail Deletions, And POP vs IMAP ?

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    eMail Deletions, And POP vs IMAP ?


    In my 80's now, so please bear with me a bit.
    Probably miss many of the nuances now.

    Use Comcast for all eMails, etc.

    Have the Account, I think, set up as a IMAP, which was recommended.

    Problem is, if an eMail comes in, and I see it first on my iPhone, it is apparently automatically
    also deleted from my Mac eMail (called "MAIL") if I delete from my iPhone.

    Also apparently from my windows 10 pc eMails.

    Should i change to a POP Account ?
    Advantages and Disadvantages of doing so ?

    If I leave as the IMAP which it is now, any way of not having the msgs automatically
    deleted from my W10 pc if I delete from my iPhone ? (It's O.K. if deleted on Mac,).

    How do you folks handle this ?

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  2. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Hi Bob.

    IMAP is best.

    With IMAP your mail is actually staying on the server, you are seeing your mail through one of your clients (MAC email, Win 10 email, iphone mail). One key element of this is the server is backed up by provider. If you create folders on servers they show on all devices and again provider does backups.

    If you use personal folders on a device you are responsible for the backups.

    IMAP keeps all the views consistent. If you read on phone it shows read everywhere else. If you file it it becomes filed in all your other clients since it was filed on server.

    The ability to keep these views consistent is the delete function. If you delete junk on one device it is removed from all.

    Just stop deleting mail until you no longer need it. So read on phone and leave it. Action on Mac, or where ever, and if you want to delete then delete it.

    Another nice thing if you have an issue with mail you can delete app and when you re-install and connect everything is restored.

    Using pop means you mail isn't kept synced. You delete on phone then you have to delete two more times on 10 mail and Mac mail. Same with read.

    If you file an email in a folder that is not on server in pop mode the only place you will ever be able to see the email is in that client and again you have to do backups.

    With POP you you can set how long it stays on server, some just keep forever. The downfall to this is that when you set up new device you will get all mail on server, including all the junk you thought you deleted. I've seen folks download 4000 odd emails because the got a new phone.

    Hope this makes sense.
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    From OP: Thanks


    Really clear explanations.

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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    I know its a change, I think it is a good one.

    Maybe someone who really uses POP will have a different view. Let's see.
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    Caledon Ken said:

    I know its a change, I think it is a good one.

    Maybe someone who really uses POP will have a different view. Let's see.
    I was using POP for years, but could only second your opinion. Go with Imap, and don't delete mails on your iphone.

    Not exactly true that POP couldn't delete from server. Protocol doesn't have that in it, but most of the clients were so advanced, even 10 years back, that this wasn't the real problem. The cient would normally ask you, if you want to delete the mail from server too. i used POPeeper...
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  6. idgat's Avatar
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    I have my mail set up as both POP and IMAP (my internet service provider has that luxury, not all others do).

    I identified my PC as my primary/master email storage, so that's set as IMAP. My phone and tablets are set POP, and the email clients (programs) are set to leave a copy of the email on the server after downloads. So when I delete an incoming email from the hand-held device, it's only deleted from the device and not from the mail server.
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  7. Steve C's Avatar
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    Use IMAP which ensures your mail is synced across all devices. Review the file deletion options on each device to ensure you have set consistent deletion options.
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