So long story short, i ended up having to re-do outlook after the upgrade from 2016 to 2019. Learned a bit about the convolution that is pst/ost/outlook in general.

I'm almost there but I had an oddity pop up id like to confirm if possible so i can move forward (or not).

I use the mail tab, not the folder tab as i have no need for rss feeds and all the other non-mail stuff. Going down the list, I get back to my address and add it.

immediately I notice a "Sync Issues (This computer only)" folder. Now these are commonplace in the folders tab, but none of my other emails have it in the mail tab, and i'd like to keep it that way (if possible).

So im basically trying to figure out if this is something that everyone has under a similar circumstance and that outlook just behaves this way with an email address - or if its endemic to mine for some reason, and if so how to make it disappear :P

Anyone using outlook (2019) with an email address?-image.png

- - - Updated - - -

aaaand the convolution thing regarding outlook.

each subsequent email i added, it removed it from the former, and added to the next. Then after an arbitrary amount of time - it disappeared from the last. /shrug