Windows 10 Home 64-bit v1909 build 18363.657 OS which was upgraded from Windows 8.1 on 20th Aug 2019 and had updates and upgrades so it is up-to-date: -

My PC has two profiles. Myself (Administrator) and my wife (a Standard user). On my profile Edge launches fine with the Home page displaying correctly. I then proceeded to set up Edge on my wife's profile and everything was fine until I made a mistake in the "Settings / Start up / Open a specific page URL". Instead of typing the full "Homepage" URL I shortened it. I should have entered "" but shortened it to "" thinking that Edge would recognise the URL and correct it. It does not recognize it and so it can no longer launch. In my case the mistyped URL was deliberate but surely Edge should be able to handle mistyped URLs. It seems wrong that Edge can't handle a mistyped URL.

Q - Is there a way to remove the incorrect Home page from outside the Edge environment so that Edge will launch again?

Thanks in advance.

- - - Updated - - -

The problem sorted itself after performing a Restart.