Single Email Attachment Sends The Entire Folder  

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    Single Email Attachment Sends The Entire Folder

    I am a musician and for decades I've been sending songs in AOL emails as an mp3 attachment - without problems.

    Now something has gone wrong.

    I can still attach and send the song as normal.

    But when I check my 'sent' copy, the attachment has changed name from the song title to my entire document file name.

    It wont double click to open as usual. I have to open in a 'new tab' then command it to open.

    When it opens, I've got my entire song filing cabinet of 80+ songs instead of just the one song I attached.

    Here are the things I've tried to fix it so far. All Failed.

    * Changed Browser from Edge to Chrome.
    * Opened an email account with Gmail and sent songs to myself.
    * Gone into 'Customise Folder' and Reset Default.
    * Sent a test song attachment to a nearby relative. Same thing happens - entire folder.
    * Contacted AOL Tech Help. (Appalling.) Sent round in circles by robots.

    I've run out of ideas and patience.
    Any help will be very gratefully received.

    Acer V3-571 Laptop. Windows 10. Aol. Edge.


    NB. I have to send two songs to a well known singer by end of February. (Welsh diva.)
    I cant send them without sending her every song on my computer - which I cannot do.
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    Hi I do not know how to fix your issue but for a work around put the song you want to send in another folder by itself and then try sending the M3 attachment see how that goes.
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    So when you used gmail did it only attach a single file? In other words it worked normally.

    Have you tried this on another computer using your AOL address? (This would help isolate whether it is within your machine or your AOL profile)
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    Thanks Oscer1 and Caledon Ken

    Thanks to both of you for you time and trouble.

    Oscer1 - I should have included that in my list of 'already tried' above. (I cant find an edit button to add it now.)
    I moved two song files to my desktop and attached them from there. No better.
    I also ran two separate debuggers. No good.

    Caledon Ken - Yes the file size stays correct for one song = 2.5MB.
    So the attachment isn't sending the entire folder - but it is opening the entire folder and giving access to
    everything in it.

    I only have one computer. I do have a Samsung tablet but none of my songs are stored on it.
    Maybe I'll give that a try if I can figure it out.
    I'd buy a new laptop if I thought that would solve it. (I'm that desperate.) But its an expensive risk just to find the problem still exists.

    Thanks again to you both.

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    Sorry, your gmail test, did it work as it should?

    Not following.

    If the file size is correct how would the receiver be able to open or even browse other files.

    Send yourself a song to gmail address. I think AOL is just replacing the attachment with the path of the attachment in your sent folder.

    I would check for options that say include original file in sent folder. AOL / Yahoo / Oath is a work in progress since verizon has taken over. I'll bet the receiver ( and you can test by sending to your gmail address) just gets the file that you attached.

    I would really look over the settings. Some email clients let you send a link and place the file in their cloud.
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    Problem Solved ?

    Thanks again Caledon Ken,

    I tried your idea of sending a song file to my Gmail account.

    Success. I only got the single song and not the entire folder.

    But the name still changed from the song title to my document file path which is slightly worrying.

    I will check your other ideas too.
    But for now - I am a little easier that I am not sending people the entire contents of my folders.

    Thank you very much for your help. I am very grateful.

    Regards John.

    NB. I have been with AOL for over 20 years and been very happy.
    But in the last couple of years it has definitely started going downhill.
    I wouldn't be surprised if my problem is the result of changes they have made.
    The so called customer service must be the worst in the computer/technical business. Shocking.
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    No customer service desk is what it use to be. They treat us like cattle knowing that faced with change we, humans, will complain and accept.

    Changing your email service is as bad as it use to be.

    Keep your AOL address active, add an auto response / vacation responder telling your friends of new address. Then forward your AOL mail to new account.

    The worse thing about a new address is changing your logins but at that as AOL is free you can keep the account and move as fast or a slow as you want.

    Good luck sending your songs on to that singer, remember us when you are famous.
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    Good Ideas

    Thanks again Caledon Ken,

    Some good ideas there about forwarding email from aol. The only thing keeping me with them is the thought of changing email address after 20 years. Probably 1000 people to inform. So your idea is worth consideration.

    If my songs get used - after all this hassle - I will come back and let you know.
    I came within an ace of getting a track on Celine Dion's last album. That would have been the Seychelles for me.
    Just missed.
    So fingers crossed this time.

    Thanks again Ken - you've been superb.

    All the best, John
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