Excerpts from an article detailing how to disable apps on Chromium Edge from running in background when Edge is closed.

Any advantage or not ?

One of the capabilities that have been migrated to the new Edge is support for a background service that would keep running even after closing the browser.

In theory, this service shouldn’t have any impact on system performance, as it’s automatically suspended when you close the browser. It is, however, required for running apps based on Edge without the need for launching the browser.

Contrary to what some people believe, keeping a browser service active in the background doesn’t mean the application collects data or enables telemetry services, as such an approach is required only for apps that can run without an active instance of the browser.

So to disable the background service in the new Edge, follow this path:

Microsoft Edge > Settings > System
As a shortcut, you can copy and paste the following code in the address bar of the browser:

The toggle that you must click to disable is called:

Continue running background apps when Microsoft Edge is closed

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