We have just upgraded the first of our office machines from Win 7 to Win 10 Home. Everything seems fine except now can not add an attachment to an Outlook 2007 email.

The failure occurs as soon as the Attachment button is pressed, the Busy circle appears and never gives the option to select a file. The only option is to kill Outlook via Task Manager. However can create / send / receive emails without an attachment but recieving an email with an attachment results in a message that the .pst file can not be found or is unavailable.

Tried using the Picasa facility to attach a photo to an Outlook email - this results in the error message “The email could not be sent” (Picasa is in fact only trying to create a skeleton email waiting for the address and message body details to be added).

Have tried various suggestion from MS including sfc, Outlook Repair tool, checking Office 2007 has SP3 installed, etc. All found no problems. Have also tried running as an Administrator and also starting Outlook in Safe mode without success.

This machine is a basic HP Pavilion with an i3 CPU / 8Gb Memory running as a 64 bit machine with Win 10 Home. Has been used as a test machine before we upgrade other more powerful machines. However without attachments working, can not consider upgrading other machines.

Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.