I have a question about the new Edge Chromium that perhaps someone who has used Chromium based browsers for a long time knows the answer. My experience using Chromium based browsers is almost 0. When I installed new Edge Chromium a few days ago in my W10 1909, it was the first time ever that I installed any Chromium based browser in any computer that I own. I tested Chrome a few times in a sandbox in W7 and XP, but never in the real system and only for quick tests. So, I know very little about Chromium browsers.

My question is this, and I hope this thread doesn't get moved to Browsers because this is about an issue, an Audit Error that gets generated in my Events Log every time I open the new version of Edge. After installing Edge, I noticed that every time I opened the browser, an Audit Error 4625 gets logged in Events log. This error annoyed me so much that I uninstalled Edge.

I liked the way the browser ran, looked, and perhaps I could even get to like it but this Audit Error seems to be a security issue coming from Chromium. Searching Google I found very little information about the error, but enough to know this error affect Chromium based browsers in general. I found a couple of threads about Edge and the error, so, some people using new Edge other than myself ought to be getting it.

I just would like to hear from long time Chromium based browsers users whats the story about this Audit Error. I found a thread about it in the Chrome forum, with no official replies, only users confirming that they get it as well. And worried users because is a log on error. This type of event is supposed to warn us when something is wrong.

This past few days, after uninstalling Edge, I tested other Chromium based browsers, including the ungoogled Chromium version, and they all generate this error in my W10. I should mention that the error mentions Edge or whatever version of Chromium I was testing. Never seen this sort of thing with any other program before.

Eventually as we all know, the browser will get pushed upon us, personally I ll like to get it willingly and use it as second browser but I need to know what this Audit Error 4625 really means, otherwise I am not getting it as I wouldn't feel comfortable using it. You guys who used Chrome for a long time should know the story behind this error.

Here is an screenshot.

Opening Edge Chromium generates Audit Error Event ID 4625-5s2u0r0.jpg