I want Windows Mail to work in Win-10

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    I want Windows Mail to work in Win-10

    I'll need some serious Programmer Help for this one.

    Back in Windows 98, and Windows ME, and then in Windows XP, I used Outlook Express to handle my email. I had it set to run on boot and display all my email immediately. It was neat, clean, simple and just what I wanted. I'd turn on my PC, and within seconds my email was on my desktop.

    So along came Windows Vista, and Outlook Express morphed into Windows Mail which was Outlook Express on Steroids. But it worked great. I still use it today, on my Windows 7 PC, after some tweaking.

    Then I upgraded to Windows 7 and "Aw Shucks!" Windows mail no longer worked, even though it was still installed with Windows.
    The fix was to just copy all the Windows Mail files from Vista, over to Win-7 and it worked again.
    That even worked with Windows 8.1.

    Then along came Windows 10, and the old fix for Windows Mail would no longer work. Grrr!

    So what I need, is for some really good programmer to find a way to make the old "Windows Mail" to work in Windows 10.

    I'm not completely without an email program on Win-10.... I use O.E. Classic, which I can use, for FREE, but to have a Spell Checker and a few other little features, which I would enjoy, I have to pay $24.95 for the Pro version of the program.

    The one thing that MS messed up, so Windows Mail would not run in Windows 7, was the msoe.dll file. With such a simple solution, I'm thinking that some smart programmer could figure out a way to make Windows Mail run from within Windows 10. Eh?

    I'd really love a solution to this problem..... either publicly or privately.

    Thanks Mates!
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    People can be touchy about not having their question answered, and so I'm offering this as a perspective vs. a solution. If the OP doesn't like this advice, you were warned.

    By switching from 3 decades of Apple to Windows 10 -- I took the opportunity to introduce some pragmatic practices.

    In regard to email I tried to make Windows 10 Mail behave like Apple's email client. What a pointless venture that was since one has been refined over a decade and other was brand new. All the more weird when I realized I, like most people, use Gmail.

    The reason why I never used the Gmail web page is that it looked like a museum piece. "Don't fix it if ain't broke" sounds cute, but really, until recently it looked like it was from 1994. It said "You've got mail!". Still -- I saw signs at Google that they were aware of this and they've been slowly bringing the look, feel, and functionality into the present.

    Why am I going on about this? By using Gmail on the web -- I can use iOS, Android, Windows old and new, and any Mac OS. This adapting issue vaporizes. I also have some disposable Yahoo accounts -- which I use -- online. My syncing headaches are history. By saving these pages as 'web apps' -- they even feel local to me.

    I want Windows Mail to work in Win-10-2020-01-20-17_14_50-_-2020-01-20-17_12_04-greenshot-imported-1.0-rgb-color-8-bit-gamma-integ.jpg

    Is using the web client that bad a solution for you? (Don't get me wrong, it can be in the right circumstances.) But do you see what I mean? Don't hire programmers. Use the free ones already working for you.
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    I Hear ya

    Hey TM,

    I know exactly how you feel. I used Outlook Express forever. Then in 2007, I got a Blackbird that came with Vista and started using Windows Mail. I continued by using the instructions from the forum and used it with 8 and 8.1 and then went back to Win 7 using Windows with Vista Mail until a couple of months ago. Win 7 was rock solid like XP. My newest computer came with Windows 10 which I hated, In fact, I got the computer in Dec 2019 and just started using it after a year. One of the guys in this forum told me that you can get it to work with windows 10, However, he said it's extremely difficult and that the fix will just get wiped out by MS every time there is a win 10 update.

    I hate paying for software and also hate having my mail only on the web like Hotmail, Gmail Yahoo etc. So I downloaded and am using Thunderbird. I can't say that I really like it but it was free and I was able to transfer all my windows emails over.

    One thing that never ceases to amaze me as well as tick me off is that I spent my entire adult life in Sales and Marketing, always trying to learn and supply what the customer wants today and tomorrow. But with MS it always what they want to shove down your throat. Their way or the highway.

    Please let me know if you find a solution to this problem. Thunderbird seems to have some real quirks or maybe just does not work as advertised. Just to name one, the emails marked as junk that are supposed to go directly into the junk folder don't. Maybe the entire program is Junk.

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    I too want "Windows Mail" to work in Win-10

    That refers to Windows LIVE Mail not Windows Mail I'm afraid

    I too would like to get Windows Mail working on Windows 10 v1909 onwards, I've had it working on older versions of 10
    I want Windows Mail to work in Win-10-qgd4vllqm7kkrdnr9cq1pc51ps-6b7d5f4f67aeb253bd9d770402d79a09.png

    I want Windows Mail to work in Win-10-windows_mail_vista.png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails I want Windows Mail to work in Win-10-wm1-small.jpg  
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    Additional options for E-Mail that may be of interest:
    SeaMonkey browser includes an E-Mail Client
    The SeaMonkey(R) Project
    OE Classic, a lot like the old Outlook Express
    OE Classic - Easy to use Outlook Express replacement
    eM Client
    eM Client | The Best Email Client for Windows and Mac
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    Windows 7/Windows 10

    I have a working Windows Mail on Windows 10 :)

    That's a brilliant link Ex_Brit and the information contained worked a treat. I now have a working Windows Mail on Windows 10 V1909 and I also see it also works with the new current v20H2

    Thank you Ex_Brit
    Thank you endeavor
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    pissant said:
    That's a brilliant link Ex_Brit and the information contained worked a treat. I now have a working Windows Mail on Windows 10 V1909 and I also see it also works with the new current v20H2

    Thank you Ex_Brit
    Thank you endeavor
    You're welcome. All the best.
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    Windows Vista Mail was a brilliant software at the time - just look at the large-sized version of the icon, how clean and beautiful that is, even 13 years later! It was simple to use with a super-clean user interface. None of this flat madness.

    But that is now an extremely outdated piece of software. It doesn't support modern protocols like Exchange or secure authentication for GMail and so on. While I could probably make it work (not much of actual programming is needed) there is the question: why? It is no longer capable of doing what it could back in my childhood years. It would be a disappointment. The world moved on.

    I'm sorry but you will probably end up with having to find a new software. eM Client and OE Classic are both very nice alternatives.

    I agree that the built-in Mail client in Windows 10 is just a pale imitation of the old Windows Vista Mail. The new app is not even close in terms of usability. But that is the direction things are heading into. I miss the old Vista-vibes. I also miss DreamScene and the sound themes.
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