Hi Everyone :)

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but sometimes when I'm on a porn site my pc won't let me delete bookmarks. Say for example, I'm on page 9 and I'm done looking at all of the videos on that page, naturally I click on the page 10 button to proceed. This is where it gets odd. Because I'm now on page 10 and don't want to build up a bunch of bookmarks, I go to delete the page 9 bookmark. Sometimes it won't allow me to delete the previous bookmark. Often times I have to leave the site altogether in order to delete it. Is this a virus?

Below is the image of my WV that I used in a previous thread. Also, I want to do my part here and not just be a freeloader. Problem is, I'm not quite as skilled as many of you are here. But I'll try. lol

Won't Allow Me To Delete Bookmarks Sometimes-winv.png