Hello together,

the Windows Defender SmartScreen is already deactivated for everything (Apps & Files, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store-Apps). However, the security check will be proceed after each finished download. This I want to stop, because I get too many wrong alarms. In this cases I have to start the download again, because it is not possible anymore to rescue the file.
Even if the Windows Defender (there is no other virus scanner) is deactivated, the security check will be proceed after each download! How is it possible?

So I prefer that the downloaded files will be saved on the hard disc and if I use/start this file or Windows Defender detects something before in the Explorer, I can set that it stays on the device instead of removing it forever.

I hope, you know what I mean. So, how can I stop the message bar after each download, that the security check will be proceed?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,