Constantly getting "Not Responding"error message&freezing using chrome

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    Constantly getting "Not Responding"error message&freezing using chrome

    I own a dell Latitude Insprion laptop, it's less than 3 years old, When I use Google Chrome(or IE or Firefox for that matter) the system freezes for extended periods , 3 to 7 minutes, and will not respond. The error message "Not Responding" shows up all the time. This happens consistently

    I have been in touch with Dell "Premium" tech support MANY times, and the most recent excuse I have been given is that there is some known issue of compatibility with Windows 10, that it is a Microsoft issue they are aware of, and I will just have to wait for the fix to arrive with an update.

    I have a seriously hard time believing this. It's a serious problem and my tech support(and myself) has cleared my cache, cookies, etc many times, and it feels to me like they have just given up.

    What is also disconcerting is that I have searched on line for this problem that they said "many" people have, and can find no evidence of any such issue...
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    I run virus protection and malware scans consistently, and as I said my cookies and cache have been cleared several times, so its not a user issue.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Hi heftysmurf76. Welcome to the TenForums @heftysmurf76

    Does this happen with wired or wireless connection or both. If you look at your network icon is Notificatiuon area (sys tray) is your network disconnected when you see this message.

    Have you tried powering off an on router. Leave off for 30 seconds?

    Is your router firmware up to date?

    Have you tried removing (Uninstalling) all third party AV's, privacy tools and other add-ins and testing. Including any specialized comm software like VPN's.

    If you do a Clean boot (not install) does situation change?

    Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10 to Troubleshoot Software Conflicts

    I might also try these basic resets.

    Run the following six bolded commands. Use a Command Prompt(admin) or Powershell(admin)

    Do not key in info in brackets, there for your information.

    ipconfig /flushdns (Clear the dns cache)
    nbtstat -RR (release and refresh NetBIOS names)
    netsh int ip reset (reset ip settings)
    netsh winsock reset (Reset Winsock Catalog)
    netsh interface ip delete arpcache (reset Address Resolution Protocol cache)
    netsh advfirewall reset

    And then a full network reset if the above didn't work. Start > Setting > Network and Internet > scroll down right side to Network Reset.

    You may have to re-install any customized comm software like VPN's and it should forget your wireless passwords if you do the network reset. Please be advised.

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    Hi Ken, Thanks for the tips, all firmware is up to date, My cache has been cleared. Most basic and even intricate system checks have been performed by the Dell techs who remotely accessed my system and myself. The router is fine, it's less than 2 months old and all other laptops and devices work fine when connected. It has been rebooted, but this issue has been persistent for well over a year now I believe.My primary concern or question is, has anyone heard that this is a "common" issue with windows 10 and browsers?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    I would think if that was widespread it would be on news.

    Still you haven't said, wired or wireless. Have you tried alternate connection.

    Is network actually disconnected in network icon.

    Try the clean boot and first six resets.
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    oh, sorry, wireless. no wired connections here, several devices on same network, but rarely all at once and mine is the most used/trafficked...It does not show as disconnected, an error in parentheses appears that says "(not responding)", and then the screen goes black for a few seconds.

    tbh I don't really want to clear my cache again, as it was a pain resetting all the passwords, etc, unless I'm misunderstanding your suggestion...My cookoies were all cleared, Windows was recently reinstalled, yet the problem persisted
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Not asking you to clear browsing data (cache)

    The resets are network based.

    I would also recommend you wire device into router and test for a period of time. Need to determine if this is a wireless issue or something deeper.

    If wired works we know it is a wireless issue. If wired acts up and resets don't clear than the Clean boot can see if this is a software conflict.

    Removing AV's, privacy tools etc, rules them out.

    Might I also recommend you look at a password manager. Lots of good products out there.
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    OK I tried running some of what you suggested, but it says i do not have permission for some of it as i am not in "admin"(only the first and last ones allowed me to perform the action), this is my personal computer so i guess the next question would be , how do i gain admin access? thanks for your helps so far!
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Right click on Start. In list you either have Command Prompt (admin) or Powershell (admin).

    Pick the one that says admin.

    Run all commands again, please.
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    apologies for the delayed reply, was giving the system some time, it still seems to persist after running all those under admin
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    Suggest you try these:
    1. Settings / Network Reset
    2. Run sfc /scannow from an admin command prompt
    3. Uninstall the network wifi driver and install the latest version for your PC from Dell's support site

    Do you only have these problems on the one PC or also other gadgets? Can you try a wired connection to the router to check whether the problem is with wifi or something else?
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