For months now I have been trying to get hyperlinks to work in all the Office 2010 programs. Decided that today I was going to make it happen or else. I had tried everything I could find on the internet numerous times. So many suggestions tried that I would have to pull my Win 10 backup and restore the primary drive. Thru out my research, I found many references to Internet Explorer but never gave it a second thought as I do not use IE 11. I sometimes use Edge but primarily use Firefox. Went to the Control panel/Programs and Features/Turn Windows Features On or Off, only to find that at some past point, I had removed the check mark for Internet Explorer 11 so I put the check mark back to reactivate it just to see what would happen. Darned, the hyperlinks instantly began working! Apparently, deactivating Internet Explorer killed the hyperlinks. Gotta go and restore my OS backup cause of the infinite amount of changes I have made to my system today --- All because of one little ole missing check mark!