Firefox vs Chrome

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    Firefox vs Chrome

    I switched back to Google Chrome from firefox some months ago and it's been fine...However, i got curious
    today and decided to download Firefox again and play with it to see how it is now...One thing i did observe is that it does seem more snappy about loading in web pages and the 3rd party tracking feature seems to work well...I didn't take off Chrome but would appreciate any input from the experiences of others who have recently used both and which one YOU prefer to use for your primary browser...
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    I have used both Firefox in Windows and Chrome in Linux and I prefer Firefox. Firefox does not get all of your personal information , in the manner that Chrome does. Firefox is also more secure with Firefox 67 BETA 5 and with every release it gets better. That is my opinion FWIW..
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    I like Chrome so much that I have it and a host of other Google apps disabled on my phone (Moto G5 running Oreo 8.1). I use Firefox almost exclusively (I have Brave installed for the odd site that doesn't won't to work in Firefox), and have found alternatives for the Google apps that I have disabled.

    Personally Google is too damn nosy and I would never willing install Chrome (have been using Bing and DDG for searching for a long time) on my computer.
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    Yes, i did notice that Firefox seems to be less intrusive with personal information than Chrome...Seems fast, snappy, uses a bit less memory too. Settings are easy to find and make...And i get the impression that it gets updated more often than Chrome also...Based on what i am seeing, it looks like i will be using it as my main browser

    If anyone else has any thoughts, comments, feedback about it...feel free to post and appreciate the input already received...
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    Once again...just wanted to mention that web pages on Firefox just kind of jump in (loading in a few seconds) MUCH faster than Chrome use to take for me....very pleased with the performance!

    Probably a lot of that is due to the tools that Firefox utilizes to keep the extra "junk" from loading in (which Chrome does not do)...

    Glad i decided to give it another try
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    I don't think that there is "versus" between two of them as well as other browsers, just a matter of preference. I have been using FF before it was called Firefox (weened on Netscape and IE) and can't imagine a browser without menu bar. Now there's no lack of browsers, dozens of them but mostly based on those two. Both are being developed all the time and with some features they may leap over each other temporarily.
    I don't see speed as being most important but security and number and quality of features and add-ons. With a half decent hardware all are fast enough.
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    CountMike said:
    I have been using FF before it was called Firefox (weened on Netscape and IE) and can't imagine a browser without menu bar.
    I remember Mozilla/Netscape too, in fact I remember bulletin boards where we used commands like "get" and "put"... And I remember having to type the init string to get the modem to dial.

    I don't like what Chrome does to your bookmarks. Makes them unusable in other browsers. I use FF most of the time but every now and then I use IE, especially when I need java to work.
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    Hi there

    another one of the type : Audi Vs BMW , Samsung Vs other Android phones etc etc

    With Browsers just choose the GUI / Interface you like the best -- these days speed is dependent on so many other things - even the scripts that a target website runs that you will find on any decent hardware whatsoever - or even quite modest hardware-- really negligible problems in speed difference between them-- if pages load slow it's very rarely due to limitations in the browser itself. Probably due to "data being collected", ads loading etc etc -- depends on the target website.

    I find FF fine because I tend to do most browsing on Linux systems - however as far as the GUI, Interface etc are concerned I still like IE11 - all these things about "security leaks" etc are usually a load of Old Bull if you surf safely - and in any case I still use a Linux Gateway for Internet access even when using Windows. I do like menus as well -- I dislike modern trend to make all apps work full screen or seem like they are just running on a Mobile phone with a large screen.

    (Saying that too - I just hate it when TV news etc shows mobile phone footage in Portrait format - looks bonkers on large TV screens -- just display in Landscape mode and show us the full pic -- what's the point of having a nice huge monitor if you just see a narrow "Strip" of a picture at the centre pf the screen !!!!!!! -- any Journos here -- please note).

    There's no correct answer to this question -- in any case if you can't make up your mind simply run both.

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    I have decided to keep both, but since i now seem to be favoring Firefox over Chrome a lot, i made Firefox my primary browser

    I'd say i like Firefox the best, followed by Chrome but not too fond of Edge and even after it goes Chromium base, i suspect Chrome itself would still be better...Actually, i always liked Internet Explorer, but that isn't really being updated anymore...
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    All browsers are pretty much the same as far as the speed goes, the difference is made by extensions.
    Anti-tracking, removing cookies and disabling caching sure helped me, if you have got a decent speed.

    Cache Killer - Chrome Web Store
    Cache-Control - HTTP | MDN
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