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  1.    05 Oct 2016 #71

    @ Ex_Brit

    in my experience you have to renew Windows Mail every time the build # changes

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       05 Oct 2016 #72

    OK, thanks.
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       06 Oct 2016 #73

    Ex_Brit said: View Post
    @endeavor - a question. Have you ever known Windows 10 to revert folders back to previous versions by itself?
    Only when major updates are done, but it's only the one folder - the WM programs folder, and that takes literally one second to click Take Ownership, delete, and two seconds more to copy my working one in its place.

    However I personally don't experience it the way you do though, and so it does not happen to me as often.
    YMMV, but for me I do not like having WU being automatically force fed to me, unlike previous versions of Windows where I would choose when I wanted to do it, and what it gave me! ...and so with Win10 WU current delivery practices - in response for the time being, I have WU turned off completely, and so I only take updates when I choose to do it; iow, I only do a WU once every month or two depending. I don't recommend this for anyone else though is my disclaimer; my Win10 usage is specific.
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       06 Oct 2016 #74

    Thanks and yes I agree WU is a pain in the you-know-what.
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  5.    09 Oct 2016 #75

    since build # 14936 I cannot setup winmail in x86 versions by the "endeavor method" The x64 Versions are running fine. Does anyone have similar experience? Is there a solution.

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  6.    10 Oct 2016 #76

    Windows updated today and Winmail wouldn't work. Replaced all files, etc. like before but still failed. Went to Windows Update, uninstalled the update and all is good.
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       12 Oct 2016 #77

    gerhardenninga said: View Post
    since build # 14936....
    @ Gerhard
    14936 is a beta preview version, and I now only install/monitor RTM or Retail releases.
    I'm sure in WinMail's case and your 14936 Preview that there is no difference though.
    Just be certain you are not mixing up your x86/x64 Programs Folder or its files within - it's very easy to do. Many people mix them up in one way or the other and is their problem.

    @ Newkydawg - Even though you don't give us any important details, it's still going to be the same answer.
    All currently known resolves are posted in the link below, follow the details carefully, everything is worded specifically, so don't miss a thing.


    Also note I don't really monitor this Win10 thread and as mentioned so many times here that Win8/10 WinMail users should post at the end of conversation over in the:
    WinMail For Windows 8/10 - Thread Here
    Many more people that use WinMail on Win8/10 monitor that thread.

    Anyway, on this particular Win10 Pro (x86) tower today just now checking/downloading/installing All of the latest Windows Updates for Retail or RTM versions available given, and taking All of them as of today ... yes it broke WinMail but by simply just replacing the WM programs folder with the working one - WM is working fine, as always!
    Screenshot of Windows AboutBox latest 14393.321 versioning, along with a working WinMail installation:
    (click image to open full if necessary)

    Click image for larger version. 

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  8.    12 Oct 2016 #78

    build 14393 and the next until #1493o worked fine. The Problem started ca. 14 days ago with x86 14936 (Pro and Enter): The x64 Versions make no problems. I did not mixing up the different copies.
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  9.    12 Oct 2016 #79

    Here are the details: Running Windows 10 Home, Ver. 1607 (14393.187) not sure what is was after the update but I uninstalled the KB3194496 Cumulative Update and Windows Mail started working again.
    Thanks for everything you've done to keep WinMail running!
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       12 Oct 2016 #80

    gerhardenninga said: View Post
    build 14393 and the next until #1493o worked fine. The Problem started ca. 14 days ago with x86 14936 (Pro and Enter): The x64 Versions make no problems. I did not mixing up the different copies.
    I would prefer all questions and replies be made at our sister EightForums for WinMail thread please.

    Dear Gerhard, (..and Newkydawg)

    I've been working with this for a long time and I've installed WinMail a thousand times on every version of Windows. I will respectfully say that you have missed some details is all, and it will be simple when you figure it out.
    All the information in great testing detail is given in the tutorial I made.
    Everything is listed and said the way it is and in order for a reason.
    If you understand and follow it exactly it will work.
    ~It's for Advanced users who automatically have the ability to understand all computer nuisances.

    When I got home from work today, just for you, I quickly fresh installed your OS build 14396 onto a spare partition, booted her up, and within minutes had WinMail up and running (Win10 x86) works just fine, and so there is nothing wrong with build 14396 when it comes to WinMail...

    Here's the screenshot, click to open full:
    Click image for larger version. 

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