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    Win 7 Ult + 2 x Win 10 Pro - all x64
       18 Mar 2017 #91

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       19 Apr 2017 #92

    ...fwiw, the only thing different I noticed with re-instating ''WinMail'' after an update with this new Win10 build 15063 that has come out, is that specifically "when upgrading previous Win10 builds" that afterwards besides replacing the Windows Mail programs folder again, you Also have to copy the msidcrl30.dll to the System32 folder again too because the upgrade removed it and of course WinMail won't start; I even merged the WinMailEdit.reg again for good measure.

    I've updated the tutorial in Post #10 in the Eight forums to note that.
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    Win 7 Ult + 2 x Win 10 Pro - all x64
       19 Apr 2017 #93

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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 x86/x64
       21 Jul 2017 #94

    Vista WinMail is no longer able to be reinstated on Windows 10 beyond version 1703 build 16193

    Microsoft has removed the OE legacy code of WinMail, see within article here:

    Features removed or deprecated in Windows 10
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  5.    12 Oct 2017 #95

    not works

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi friend, since I installed Windows 10 version 1709 16299.5 I see the following error "I could not start windows mail because no library was found" Can you help me???
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    Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 x86/x64
       13 Oct 2017 #96

    Welcome to the TenForums roerisi,

    It will not work with your newer version, and just as the post before yours says, it will only work for Windows 10 versions Before 1703 build 16193, and so if you want WinMail, you will have to go back to that earlier version.
    I am sure most Windows 10 users will want to move on to another email client, and forget about WinMail
    .......(..not me though ...... ..well, not for a long while yet anyway)

    All information on how to reinstate WinMail into Win8 or earlier Win10 is located over in this thread Here please.

    Let me repeat my previous post again:

    Vista WinMail is no longer able to be reinstated on Windows 10 beyond version 1703 build 16193

    Microsoft has removed the OE legacy code of WinMail, see within article here:

    Features removed or deprecated in Windows 10
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  7.    13 Oct 2017 #97

    thanks for your kindness and courtesy in answering me, I had already read that from the future versions of win 10 would have been decreed the end of Windows Mail, I thought some of you knew the way to bypass the source code and run our well-loved Windows Mail, thanks anyway.
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       13 Oct 2017 #98

    Hello roerisi,

    Friendly greetings to you in Italy!

    As I have spoke about in this post Here and and other posts around that one, I have tried to do it a number of times already to work it out, but it's just not practical anymore on any level to spend more time on it.
    However we have many good years left though to still use WinMail on Win7, and/or Win8, and/or the earlier versions of Win10 ...preferably v1607 ..fully updated current with it's latest Cumulative Here just last week to 14393.1770
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  9.    18 Oct 2017 #99

    If I revert to Win 10 Build 1703 which lets WinMail work, how can I prevent, or can I prevent Build 1709 from installing?
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       19 Oct 2017 #100

    Hello Billg226,
    I remember you from the main WinMail thread in the Eight Forums, and I hope things are going good with you.

    Maintaining Windows 10 with WinMail is much more tricker than doing it on Windows 8, especially now! ..and that needs to be known up front. Honestly I don't really recommend it! ...unless, a person has a current, easy come, commanding control over all aspects of their computer environment. If you do then only then it can be an easy or fun side project, that is expendable; otherwise I don't recommend it at all please. No support is offered.

    To your question though, in order to stop Windows Updates from updating/installing things automatically, you have to turn it off in Services completely; some other information how to do that, iirc, is here.
    After that, from then on, now you'll always (while they are still offered anyway) have to do a few updates manually. Again not recommended unless you have a commanding understanding about what that means, and how to update your computer manually with the Cumulative Updates I mentioned in my last post (your question mentioned version 1703 and that would be always given here) and always changing forward; along with any service stack updates, and of course flash if you use it.
    To reflect that information I've just now updated the main tutorial with those 1607 Cumulative, Servicing Stack, and Flash update links Here.
    As known with this, most updates you do of course always breaks WinMail and so you have to go through the process to re-instate it again. So you see this WinMail project on Win10 is not for everyone, for Win10 i don't recommend it really, and if a person has to ask how to do any of this then honestly this project is not for them; and of course no support is offered.

    1703, I believe is where the Creators Update started, and is why I chose (on my main towers anyway) to stay back with 1607 and keep them maintained current there; otherwise yes I test 'newer' builds to keep up with the ''Windows 10'' evolution itself without the thought of using WinMail on it.
    If you like and want to stay current on the Windows 10 train, then you'll have to forget about WinMail, and so join the Windows 10 movement onward.

    all the best..
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