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My files are basically in a mess because I haven't got a fixed folder for all downloads. I'm not sure what logic 10 uses for saving files. But I seem to have downloaded files all over my disk. It's going to take a month of sundays to clean it all up.

Can we define a fixed folder for file downloads, and possibly a separate folder for image downloads? Any other tips on storing downloads would be appreciated.
To avoid the mess you are in, I use one folder where all my downloads go to. I create a folder in C drive, and set Firefox (my only browser) to download to that folder. For security, I set that folder as a Forced folder in Sandboxie, this makes all files, executables, etc, within that folder to run sandboxed automatically when they are executed.

Sometimes I keep files in my downloads folder for a long time. Theres been times when I had files there for over a year. But usually, files that I want to keep, I move them to other folders. Files I download and save are kept in a few sub folders but all files I download are within 2 folders. If I delete this 2 folders, there would be no file I downloaded anywhere in the computer. The times I download files straight to my desktop are rare, I usually do that only with trusted executables of programs I use when doing an over the top update. This is how I handle downloads to make things easier to locate files and to avoid a mess.