Google Chrome top 3 dots> down loads> deleted top 2. Q can I undelete

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    Google Chrome top 3 dots> down loads> deleted top 2. Q can I undelete

    Having just allowed a news paper to put a cookie on in order to read it. I tried to undelete these instructions - Google Chrome is my Browser that I accessed the news paper by just typing News.
    As a matter of Principal I try not to allow random requests for Cookies.
    I stopped deleting at the 3rd down load down and clicked on it to see what it was. It was a document that was useful - I am now wondering just what did I delete? having made a note of the time at the time and consider that if I restored to perhaps a time say 20 minutes earlier perhaps. I could see what i deleted.
    Any comments?
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    Hi Bill.

    Not exactly sure what you are asking. If you deleted something that you downloaded and the download was complete you should be able to restore in the "Recycle Bin"

    I'm also not sure what you mean random cookies. Pretty much every website uses Cookies.

    In Chrome enter Incognito mode and then browse. Once you end session all cookies will be deleted.

    If you want to use regular Chrome enter the content settings in Chrome and block all third party cookies. Then you will get newspaper cookies but limited other crap cookies. Again you can delete all cookies when you exit browser by making the necessary settings in Content under cookies.
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    Hi Ken,

    Nice to hear from you again. I trust you are well. I have been away from the forum for some time now. I don't really know what I did, except I thought I was deleting Crap and cookies as I had done once before.

    It just happened I decided to have a look at the next one on the list and about to be deleted, only to realise I was about to delete a useful document and wondered just what the earlier two deleted items were. I checked the Recycle bin and it was empty.

    I am not worried, as I usually print off most of what I download and put a copy somewhere.

    I won't do it again without reading what I am about to delete.

    Out of interest can deleted downloads be recovered. I noted the time after realising what had been done. and could go back in time. Will whatever was deleted show again as noted earlier they did not go in the recycle bin.

    Here in the UK a site has to ask before it puts a cookie on your computer, unless it is a site I trust such as ten forums I am always careful.

    I will pay heed to your comments about Chrome, they seem useful, I will have to experiment with Google Chrome.
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    I'm well, thanks for asking.

    Glad to hear you are doing well.

    Anything you delete should be in the Recycle bin. I've seen it where when I'm deleting a very large folder it will state it is too bib for Recycle bin.

    Are you making backups ??
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    Hi Ken,
    Thank you for responding. Your references to if the items in question had been deleted, they would show in the Recycle Bin,
    Having not showing there I examined the lists of items on the Chrome 3 dots drop down downloads slot/button and hovering over the top right X that I presumed was to delete the 3rd item I referred to. It just said "remove from list", not delete.
    I can access my down loads folder normally indirectly from an Icon on my task bar at the bottom of my screen via a quick access Icon. So I am guessing that all that happened was to remove the 2 items from the list as displayed on the Google drop down. I will have to test this in reverse. Find a Junk file as down loaded from task bar icon, find the same one on the Google list and remove it and then check to see if there are any changes.
    I will have to leave it for the moment.

    I am sorry to say I have not backed up my computer, It may be doing it automatically. If I type back up into the Cortana search slot, it indicates Backup settings. I will have to explore this page. It is a bit beyond me at the Moment. I bought a Samsung 1 TB solid state DD to do this a few years ago.
    But it is still taped to the top of the Computer unused.
    I have another Medion Disk Drive that used to connect directly into a previous computer, but when I became worried about it I just transferred everything to another Medion computer. This has been quite good so far, bur I don't want to compromise the documents stored on the portable HD
    My health is reasonable, but my desk is Chaos.
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