Recently, I'm having problems with Chrome taking a lot longer than usual to load YouTube videos. This has been a problem that's started while getting on the desktop for the evening and watching some videos. At first, I thought it was an extension I was running called ImprovedTube that was causing the problems. However, after uninstalling it and installing Magic Actions, the problems still persisted. I did some research and the most recent forum post I googled mentioned AdBlock, which I also have, had an issue about YouTube videos and required something to be updated, which I did but didn't help.

I've closed and reopened the browser multiple times to see if they apply changes in which they didn't. It seems now if I want to watch a video I want to see almost right away if I click on it, I have to copy and paste the link on to Edge which I don't want to use as my main browser for YouTube. I would like to know if something had an update an maybe what's causing this issue or if it's something else.