Stuttering streaming video playback in Edge and Internet Explorer

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    Stuttering streaming video playback in Edge and Internet Explorer

    Hello, I posted this over in the Microsoft community, but nothing I haven't tried has been suggested, so I am hoping someone here might have a solution.

    At some point in the past several months, Edge stopped being able to play streaming videos smoothly. The audio if fine but the video is very slow and choppy. Internet Explorer has the same problem, but Chrome, Firefox and Pale Moon all play videos just fine. It doesn't matter which source, it happens on You Tube, Netflix, Amazon, etc...

    I can play local and NAS resident video files with MS Media Player and VLC, as well as DVD and Blue Ray disks with no problem either.

    My system is a Dell Precision M6700 mobile workstation, i7-3840QM CPU, Nvidia Quadro K4000m Graphics card, 32GB memory and running Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators 10.0.16299.
    I have tried repairing and resetting Edge, and have also reinstalled by deleting the package from the %appdata% local directory and using the following command;
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml" -Verbose}
    So far nothing has helped, I even tried selecting "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" in the Internet Properties control panel. And, my Nvidia driver is the most recent stable version.
    I haven't used Edge or IE all that much which is why I don't know when this all started. I have been running Windows 10 on this system for a couple of years.
    I am at a loss and have run out of ideas. Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I'm a regular user of IE 11 and nothing wrong with streaming video HTML5 or Flash Player in IE 11, Edge, or Chrome Browsers using Intel iGP(HD 4600), or Nvidia graphics(GT 740M). Very minimal addons to those, no Ad blockers.
    All drivers are those supplied by Windows updates.
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    Edge and IE 11 used to work just fine streaming video for me as well, but somewhere along the way this problem started. Since I don't use these as my main browsers, it's not super important to fix, but it bugs me when something doesn't work on my PC as it should and I can't figure out why.
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    Hi folks.


    Using a browser for streaming Video can cause stuttering for basically all or any of these reasons

    1) Internet connection slow can be either on your ISP provider or the source streaming site server is busy or both.

    2) Poor or slow I/O - Slow Disks on the Host system i.e your computer.

    3) Internet browser also running concurrent scripts like scraping data / collecting data from you to target ads .

    4) If transcoding needed host computer (i.e your computer) not powerful enough to transcode at speed of stream.

    An often used remedy is in fact to buffer the stream i.e it can say accumulate 10 secs worth of stream which it stores in a special temporary file - so on any delay from the source stream it has 10 secs worth stored in the buffer.

    Easy way to explain this --put some water in a bathtub. Remove the plug -- now the water coming out of the bath tub is your video stream. Turn off and on the taps randomly. So while you get a varying rate of water coming into the bath tub the output stream should be constant.

    However IMO the best way of running Video streams on any device is to use the excellent free KODI program -- add the stream content source. Browsers are the worst way for running high quality HD continuous streams -- few minutes of YOUTUBE stuff etc OK - but for Movie watching etc forget it.

    KODI plays music as well can also play from any NAS server / shared files you have - you don't need a multi-media server on your NAS etc and although VLC is good (and can stream from various sources) KODI actually handles more formats.

    Kodi can also play from URL's too obviating the need for using a browser so NETFLIX possible too. (Must have legal subscription though).

    How to Install Netflix on Kodi 17 Krypton - The VPN Guru

    More info on KODI and URLs :

    Internet video and audio streams - Official Kodi Wiki

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