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If you replace the C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail with the one on your backup drive, all your old emails and folders will be there.
Ah. Therein lies a mistake.

I fired up WLM afresh, and THEN copied JUST the e-mail folders.

So I guess now I must "export" ALL the current e-mails that I have received since then, and THEN delete the entire LiveMail folder, and copy the old one to there; and THEN import the current stuff.

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Everything except contacts (I think) should be there. ... What method did you use to make the backups?
In Windows Explorer I just dragged the entire "USERS" folder across to the external drive. Also the three "Programs" folders, and the WINDOWS folder, and I also exported the Registry.

I'll give it a go.

But it's the importing of the current e-mails that slightly concerns me now, as WLM fetched a stack off the server, so there will be a lot of duplicates..

... AND,,, as WLM is "obsolete", I guess this is a gi=ood time to ditch in in favour of, say, Outlook. "You would have thought" that migration should be simple, but Oh, No !

"Everyone" uses e-mail, so there OUGHT to be a standard format common to all programs - like there is with GEDCOMs ...