Windows 10: Gmail Too Many Attempts, Try Again In Few Hours Message?

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    Gmail Too Many Attempts, Try Again In Few Hours Message?

    I recently had cleared my chrome history on my laptop. I also flew to another country as well on that day. When im trying to log into my gmail account, i had put in my password which is correct. But it then ask me to type in the recovery email address to confirm. I looked at it and i had a few gmail accounts with similar spelling etc. I typed it in and it said that is not correct. Then i typed in another email and it was not correct. Im not 100 percent sure but i might have misspelled one letter by mistake etc.

    It also gives you another option as in answer your security question. However, that question i could not answer because i had this gmail account for a very long time already. I tried it a few times and it was not correct etc.

    Does anyone when i can log back into my gmail account? When it said wait few hours to attempt again because of too many attempts. Well i waited at least 7 hours etc and i got that message. Can someone tell me how long i have to wait to try again or is there someone i could contact/email on this issue? It does show my contact recovery email partially such as imagine my recovery email was say Well it would display something like and want you to fill in the rest etc. But i have several emails that look like the one shown but it said it was not correct and it must have been due to me adding a letter in by mistake.

    The only other thing is i even got a message to my phone that uses google voice/hangouts that is connected to my email that google has blocked someone with the password for my gmail account from signing in to the account. So does this mean i could log into my google/gmail account on my phone then? The thing is i have to access my gmail account from my computer. Anyone have advice on this? How long do i have to wait until i could log into gmail account from my computer? I mean it was 7 hours already at least until i attempted to log in again. And has anyone who has google voice/hangouts had this message received on their cell?

    When i tried to log into my other gmail and other accounts, i got message we detect unusual activity etc since its a new ip address. The thing is i have used this ip address because but it was a long time ago etc. My other email accounts i have no issues because when it asked me for recovery email related to it, i typed in the right one. But this is my main gmail account.
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    Anyone? I have to access my email. Should i wait a while until i attempt to log in again? My email password is correct and i know the recovery email to it.
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    Hey there. I was able to type in my password into my gmail account. When it ask me to list the recovery email address i added to it...

    let say my email for the account is

    The email that i believe i added to it is

    lets just say its or im pretty certain that is the one. Let say i also might have added a yahoo email to it and say its I just made these up.

    Well the email that they showed is something like pau.......

    So i have to enter the recovery email. First off, that would mean the recovery email has to be gmail and not yahoo right? The other thing is when they put down pau........ and say they have 8 dots... before the are they telling me after the u theres 8 letters or not?

    Because the recovery email that i added to this gmail pretty certain its the gmail email. But i tried 2 of them and they didnt work. I then tried a yahoo one because that email actually is the same amount of letters as the ......... 8 dots after the pau........ if you get what im saying. The thing is the recovery email has to be one of these 3 emails. It cannot any other email.

    So basically i tried 3 different emails, 2 gmail and 1 yahoo. They all start the same pretty much. None of them work. I entered it 3 times only and didn't attempt to do any try as i dont want to lock the account again. So does anyone have any tips on what i should do now? Its 100 percent one of those 3 email accounts. There is no other email that i would add as a recovery email.

    The other thing i even received a text to my google voice number which is the email that is connected to that account that google blocked someone with the password for my gmail account from signing in to the account.

    So does that mean i could log into gmail account from my phone then?
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