Win10 FCU Edge - I install some extensions, all works fine. After that I makes some deep Win10 configuration for some days. But then all extensions are gone from Edge!

I will detailed describe the situation...
1. Clean Win10 FCU. I install many Edge extensions and all works fine.
2. After some time, many updates, many windows configuration, etc, at some point two those extensions just disappear form Edge. At WinSettingsApplications all extensions shown faintly/muted.
3. When through Edge I open MSStore and find those extensions - MSStore told me that extensions already installed but have some problem and to fix it they must be reinstalled... but after about 10 reinstalls - nothing is changed, most of them they still don't work.
4. I uninstall all extensions from WinSettingsApplications and from StartMenu too. Reboot the PC.
5. Open MSStore, found those extensions and install them afresh and only at this moment I have found one big different between new extensions that installs and works perfectly (uBlock,AdBlockPlus,MateTranslator,etc) and two those broken extensions... when at MSStore extension downloaded and installed - there new button appear "Launch/Start" - when I press that button at worked extensions - it's open Edge with new little panel appears with question to start or decline new extension! But with two those broken extensions after pressing the same button at MSStore - Edge opens but this panel with question DONT appear! instead the in Edge cursor focusing at the reload button! So two those extensions still does not work - its "Translator for Edge" and "AdBlocker Ultimate".

Any suggestions?