I had a same problem and since I spent a whole day solving it, I thought it would be nice to share my solution with you.
Steps :
  1. Login to you local account ( Start menu > Your account picture > Sign in with a local account )
  2. Login to your local account and open your system drive ( Usually C)
  3. Right click on "Users" > Properties > Security tab and then click on "Edit"
  4. Under "Group or user names" select Users(your PC name\Users)
  5. Permissions for Users > Full Control > Check "Allow" then hit Apply

Make sure that Authenticated Users, System and Administrators have a Full control !!!

Note :
I've tried almost all off the steps from previous posts, so probably something of it deserves a credit.

IMPORTANT : I also couldn't add my gmail account to default Mail App and finally after the process I described I was able to login also

I hope I saved you some time