I thought I would just share some knowledge after 2 days of mucking around trying to get my email working again.

I run my own Exchange 2016 server and use Outlook to connect to it and read my emails. Yesterday all of a sudden it started throwing up a message stating that the mailbox had been moved and I could use a temporary one. When doing so it was empty. All my emails gone.

After deleting the profile as suggested and creating it again it seemed to word and emails back but when I sent an email it had an email address of outlook.com. When I shut down outlook and opened it up again same result and moved email box.

After doing this several times with no changes I looked at what it was creating and the autodiscover file was showing everything outlook.com.

So I worked out that it was finding my server but also it was going out and checking outlook.com (which I also had an account thanks to my onedrive account) and grabbing info from the outlook.com.

I put an entry in my hosts file to make outlook.com go to localhost and tried to create my profile again. This time looking at the files it created the addresses looked good and Outlook was up and running.

Nowhere on any searches did outlook.com come up as an issue for this so thought I would share to help any others that may have the same thing happen.