Disappearnce of "Save As"; An Existential threat

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    Disappearnce of "Save As"; An Existential threat

    Hi people. My first time here on Windows 10 Forum. After a three year hiatus without a personal computer, someone gave me a Dell Desktop with Windows 10. I have been a long time Vista Ultimate user. I am a independent researcher, armchair classicist and so I used "Save As" quite frequently, many times a day, creating a library of sorts of stored info I needed for my research.

    Low and behold, I go to Microsoft's Edge, and to find no "Save As". So I google "where is Save As", and I find this thread at the Microsoft Community: How to save Web Page in Edge Browser - Microsoft Community

    There are several more threads on the same subject.

    They tell me, "Hey, go to this link and download this Save Html app". So I go to the App and find out I can't save to my Document Folder. I can't continue with Vista Document Folder. I'm on page 32. I'm suprised that that thread was started in 2015.....and this is Jan 2018----and they haven't done nothing about it!

    I'm furious. Without "Save As", I'm done as a researcher. Without "Save As", I can't continue adding to my library. I have come to realize that the disappearance of the "Save As" is an existential threat. It is about war against Knowledge. Knowledge only rests on the ability to recall. Without recall, there is no knowledge.

    We can't let this stand because Google and Firefox may follow Microsoft's lead. We can not let this stand. I'm furious. I'm Mad. And I'm scared. Not only scared because the disappearance of "Save As" is going to harm my work, but for the future, the ability to save information for anybody out there.

    Some one on that thread toward the end, not a Microsoft individual, said banks, webmasters and retailers asked Microsoft to keep "Save As" OFF of their new browser Edge. Political and Economic forces lobbied for the end of "Save As". If Microsoft bowed to pressure, what is stopping that lobbying from making changes at Google and Firefox?

    We can't allow the ending of "Save As". I've read thru many of the replies on the thread, there are a lot of infuriated customers. Microsoft is running roughshod over its customer base. Does anybody know what is happening? and What are your thoughts on this.
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    Hello Clinias, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)

    You should be able to right click on images or files in Microsoft Edge, and click on "Save picture as" or "Save target as".

    The tutorial below can help show you how to turn on the download save prompt in Microsoft Edge. If you click on the arrow to the right of "Save", you will get a "Save as" option.

    Turn On or Off Download Save Prompt in Microsoft Edge Browsers Email Tutorials

    If you like, you can also change the default download folder for Microsoft Edge.

    View Microsoft Edge Downloads in Windows 10 Browsers Email Tutorials
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    In Edge, there was no problem downloading. I looked at the two links you provided and checked my advanced settings, it was already on, but I am asking about saving Web Pages. I do not have a problem with downloading, It is about saving web pages. Websites I visit.
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    As a workaround for now, you could press Ctrl+P, and print the web page to PDF.

    Print to PDF in Windows 10 General Tips Tutorials
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    On that Microsoft thread How to save Web Page in Edge Browser - Microsoft Community, I am "wheelerplatsis".

    Please read to pg 34, and read the comment by glslive. And copy it! glslive is the one talking about how pressure is brought to bear upon Microsoft to delete "Save As".
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    To Brink, my work around will be Google for right now. Yes, I saw that workaround. But the purpose of computing science is efficiency--streamlining work. These workarounds are too time consuming, pushing too many buttons, and mouse work. That didn't happen in Vista.

    I think Microsoft has lost its idea of who it was. Microsoft has lost its rasion-d-etre. I became a Microsoft customer because the offered Word Document, had a browser engine and system. An Integrated whole that was supposed to work seamlessly, causing less problems. That is why I became a Microsoft customer---having an integrated whole system with all the products I need to get work done. I thought that was the purpose of Microsoft. The business of computing is efficiency.

    See, I am NOT going to settle for a work-around. In no way. I don't want to have to jump thru hoops to get my job done, when I paid Bill Gates for services--and then takes them away and then punishes me. No.

    Neither do I want to use apps. Apps are for phones. Not for Desk tops. Not for research. I use apps, they cover the whole screen, an extra layer. I had no layers in Vista. Vista was a clean, easy, simple work environment. I clicked, and the object appeared. In Windows 10, you have to go to an app, and click again for what one wants.

    They have lost their minds at Microsoft.

    None of this is right.
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    Well IE 11 is still present and with Save As.
    There are other ways like using Save to OneNote which can be used in Edge and IE 11.

    Don't see any problem at all.
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    If you need to 'Save as' in Edge, go to the 'three dots' menu top right, select 'Open With Internet Explorer' and then you're back in familiar territory. Note that only IE can open a 'Web archive, single file (*.mht)'.
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    At Microsoft Community answers forum, glslive has added more commentary which I think is even more insightful to what is going on. It blows my mind the intricacies he provides. Just one quote from him:
    For over 30years Microsoft supported 'backward compatibility', saving older systemsinstead of obsoleting them. In short, soon, we will see Google Chrome,Firefox, Netscape, and Safari all follow suit, and eliminate the 'save as'function, because the equivalent IE9 versions of these browsers also, back atthat time, became obsolete-ing system destroyers. They all got away withit then, WHY not now? Your desktop PC will begin to look like acell phone (vis-a-vis: an even more dumbed down version of Windows 8) How to save Web Page in Edge Browser - Microsoft Community pg 34
    This man has been in the business, and he is quite knowledgeable and he even recognizes that Google, Firefox, and all the other browsers will follow Microsoft's lead.

    This is going to cause the lost of information.
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