I have a GMX e-mail address which I added as an "other" account in the Mail app. However, I also have a Google Calendar connected to this account.

As an "other" account, I cannot see my Google calendar in the calendar app. If I add the account as a "Google" account, then it does not sync my e-mail.

"Other" accounts have no accessible settings for the calendar it seems, while "Google" accounts have the ability to change the incoming and outgoing mail servers, but the lack of options for enabling/disabling SSL means I cannot access my e-mails. After a few minutes of attempting to sync mail with the updated e-mail settings, I get the error code 0x80048822, but searches return practically no information.

Hope somebody would be able to shed some light on the situation here. Would be great to be able to view my Google calendar belonging to my GMX account, rather than having to add the account twice!

Thanks a lot!