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might to elaborate a little bit ? How is this fully possible while Windows is running ? The minute you hit <Finish> button, Macrium will stop and tell you it cannot lock the drive and give you the choice to boot into WinPE provided if only you have already set up the "Recovery Boot Menu Option".
Yes, I can elaborate it!

It might be English not being my native language. If you read what I said and what you quoted again, you'll see that I mean that you can start restore from desktop:

Although restoring an image backup is fully possible when started from Windows desktop....
This is what I said in my previous post in this thread:

Starting restore from desktop, at some point Macrium can't continue and informs you that it needs to restart to PE to finalize restore process.
My whole point with apparently badly chosen words is that yes, you can start restore from desktop but I recommend not doing it, instead preferring to boot to PE first. In any case, when started from desktop restore cannot continue / finish and needs to boot to PE.