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I don't really have any of those programs/apps you mention. My custom built PC is more for gaming. I have a totally separate SSD just for Windows and two separate SSDs for Steam games and other bits and bobs so you could say I'm not a power User. When I did my totally clean install from 1703 to FCU 1709, I did have to re-install a small amount of software related to my hobby but nothing major.

This is why I was wondering whether I'm fortunate enough that I can just rely on my already created Bootable that MCT/Rufus did for me without having to go the extra mile to create backups with Macrium.
If you don't mind a default install, you're set. Personally, I prefer an image to save my changes, including my graphics drivers. I really don't like customizing more than once.
My entire system - including about 15 non-Win apps - is restored in 3 minutes. About 20 GB. My main use is gaming.