Many tablets and hybrids are unusual as they use a 32bit UEFI OS. I did some tests a couple of years back, and only Macrium Reflect Free was able to successfully backup and restore images of such devices.

I decided to revisit this tests using latest version of each image backup tool.

I tested following free well known tools:-
Aoemi Backupper
Veeam Agent
Easeus Todo Backup Free
Paragon Backup
Windows own SIB.
Macrium Reflect Free
I did not test Acronis Trueimage as not free.

Overall Summary - Only Easeus Todi Backup and Macrium Reflect Free were successful with Macrium Reflect Free being much faster with a smaller image. In the end, no contest - use Macrium Reflect Free

Here are my detailed results.
1) Aoemi Backupper - approx 15 mins to create 14GB backup files (split to give 4GB files)
However, I created boot USB rescue drive using uefi option or legacy bios option. Would not boot from either option!

Conclusion:- Useless if rescue drive will not boot for 32bit uefi systems.

2) Veeam Agent
You have to register to get this. After installation, tried to create a recovery drive, and it failed saying it could not find a specified file (which error message never specified)

Conclusion:- Useless as it cannot create a rescue drive for 32bit uefi systems.

3) Easeus Todo Backup Free
Took ages to install, and you have to register email, and you have to deselect additiona crapware options. Was very slow in creating rescue drive.
Backup was 14 GB.
Booted OK from boot drive - was a little awkward using menus as in portrait mode, and had to move window to left to see recovery options.
Recovery was very slow - over 35 minutes. Need well charged battery to use this.
Recovery was perfect though. Booted fine.

Conclusion:- Does the job but very slow.

4) Paragon Backup
Did not fully test this but have up when it requireduser to download all of win10adk rather than selectively downloading components it needed as other tools do. This would have led to a 6GB+ download which is stupid on a 32GB device.

Conclusions: Forget it due to large waste of disk space needed.

5) Windows own SIB
This is now a deprecated feature but I tested anyway.
I tried to create a repair drive but it would not let me because I have deleted recovery partition, however, it is easy enough to create a bootable windows 10 installation flash drive with repair features included.
I went to make an image backup, and it failed complaining about vss shadow copy issue.
I gave up at this point as I had no idea how to sort this without spending a lot of time investigating.

Conclusion: Forget it.

6) Macrium Reflect Free
No registering email or crapware on install.sound
Approx 12 mins to create 12 GB backup.
No need to select boot type for Rescue Drive - dual purpose.
Booted fine, and restored in less than 9 minutes.
PC booted perfectly.

Conclusion: Simply the best, and just works perfectly. Do not bother with other options.