Yesterday, I was using easybcd to modify my bcd boot entries, and it glitched badly, adding loads of boot entries for usb drives etc. plus old boot entries I had previously go rid off - obviously I had corrupted the bcd somehow., picking up old data which had not been fully deleted.

MSconfig only listed the ones I needed, but from advanced System properties, it listed all these extra ones.

I tried to use Macrium Reflect Free to rebuild bcd which is what I usually do, but this made no difference!

I then messed around trying to delete them using bcdedit commands. I could see these extra entries with bcdedit but not easybcd. No matter what I tried, I got nowhere (probably due to my lack of in-depth knowledge)

As it happens, I had only made a full image backup with Macrium Reflect Home the day before, so in the end, after an hour of so, I thought WTH, just restore the backup.

I told Macrium to delete all partitions on drive just to make sure no hangovers from what I had just been trying.

What is interesting is MRH basically ignored that as its default mode is Rapid Delta Restore. TBH I assumed it would do a full backup if I told it to delete all partition, but it did a Rapid Delta Restore in less than 5 minutes whereas a Full Restore would have taken around 30+ minutes.

So I rebooted anyway, and hey presto everything was fine again.

RDR is definitely the canine's fluffy bits, and that feature alone makes buying the Home version rather than using the free version well worth it.