how to restore deleted recovery partition?

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    how to restore deleted recovery partition?

    I recently created a Recovery USB drive. After it was done I said yes to "delete recovery partition". I now find I have a new F drive of about 10 gig on my hard drive. Can anyone please advise me what happened here, and can I do anything about it. I am NOT a guru but can follow simple instructions or advice. Thank you.
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    Hi hedrek15.

    What version and build of Windows are you running?

    Windows key + R, type winver, enter

    I thought they had removed that option from the more recent builds. I wouldn't be to concerned about the info in that partition, it is likely dated. What Windows came on your original machine? (Win 7, Win 8.1 or W10?)

    You have your recovery key and you can use Window Media Creation tool to get a copy of the full installation, current version. I would have both now.

    The recovery partition software re installs the OS as of the day you bought it. No updates, no software, (browsers, photo tools, productivity), you installed and no data. This basically is a clean install and an old one at that.

    A far better tool is Macrium Reflect. Free and we have a tutorial in our library. Lots of members use and recommend.

    You can take an Image of your OS or a complete Image. When you recover using it you get, depending on how you step it up, your OS, all the software you installed, all the customizations you've done and the data. Again this depends how you set it up. You can take Images based on your own schedule. Then its just a matter of having a recent data back up if you do that separately.

    Other members may have different opinion.

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    Hi Ken, thanks for the prompt reply. I have the latest Win 10 upgrade. V1703 Build 15063.483.
    I guess the question I should have asked is, how come after accepting the offer to delete the recovery partition, I find a new 10gig (approx) drive (F) on my hard disk and is there anything I need to do about it?
    Thank you.
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    The exact same thing happened to me when creating a USB Recovery drive. The wording is very unclear about what is happening.
    What has happened is the original Manufacturers Recovery partition has been deleted and replaced by an empty partition called 'New Volume', in my case it's a 10 GB partition on a 1 TB drive.

    I just left it as is (

    You can only get that Manufacturers recovery partition back if you have done 1 of these things previously.
    1. Have an image of that Manufacturers Recovery partition.
    2. Made a USB or DVD Recovery media just after purchase (that is essentially a copy of that recovery partition), Toshiba ask you to do that.

    I have 1. and 2. However mine is for Windows 8.1 so actually of almost no use now as it's on the latest Windows 10 version.
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    So I guess this has morphed. I swear at one point they stopped asking question. Must be back. Could just be that when it deleted it became visible, not hidden as most vendor recovery partition are set.

    As Helmut said his was 8.1 and as I said it was likely dated info anyway.

    Can't recommend enough exploring Macrium Reflect.

    You might try merging that un-use space back into main partition but I think I would leave well enough alone until you need. Maybe keep some online copies of critical files in there, like backups of password vaults.

    You could also take some space from your main partition and make it big enough to keep a Macrium Reflect Image.

    Really though I would just ignore and then re-incorporate on the next clean install.

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll just leave it there. Cheers
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    Good idea. Please mark thread solved.
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    hedrek15 said:
    Thanks for the advice, I'll just leave it there. Cheers
    Hi hedrek15,

    I intentionally decided to format my recovery partition on the very left in Disk Management. I don't need it /have earlier also the OEM recovery partition on the very right removed - took over 35 GB! /. Why I don't need them - when a problem occurs I just make clean install of Windows 10 from dvd, created in Media Creation Tool. So far 15 times reinstall for 9 months ;-)

    So, back to topic... when I formatted this partition on the left, it turned to unallocated space. Since it is hard to combine a partition on the left of C: partition, I installed Aomei Partition tool to do that for me. Great tool. Then new format of C: and following clean install. Worked perfectly.

    If other members here think that there is something wrong with my way of healing, please post.
    how to restore deleted recovery partition?-untitled.png
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    It looks like you did just fine! :)
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