Windows 10: SSD, HDD installation and backup strategy

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    SSD, HDD installation and backup strategy

    Hi, I am about to create a new system. I have a SSD 500gb hdd (lets call it SSD), I will install my programs on. Then use my 4TB hdd (lets call it HDD-A ) for libraries (picture, music, ect). I am using macrium reflect free for backup.
    Question #1: I wonder how I should go around creating my drives/partitions.

    Question #2: I want to be able if possible to make a backup onto a one external HDD-B of 4TB of my ssd and my HDD-A. Is it possible and how I do it?

    I do have other external drive. One that have something else on it, but would have 500gb free. Or I could get another 500gb hdd, just to backup the ssd. I just want that to be not too complex to backup and restore.

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    Unless you have masses of photos,music there is a flaw in your plan putting photos etc on 4tb you don't have a backup of them. If you leave them on c which should have enough room then create images on too 4tb you then have backup. Best bet is to get Google photo backup app this is free and will backup photos to the cloud automatically and it's unlimited I backed up 75000 for docs save them to Google drive or ms OneDrive again it's automatically backed up. If you created compressed disk images to the 4tb you could get a few backups then your covered even if the PC dies
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    I would fit a second HD and dedicate this as the backup disk
    So it might look like OS is C (SSD), data is D (HD1) and backup is E (HD2)
    You would back up both C & D disks to E (say incremental Mon - Sat and Full on a Sun) (don't think the free version does incremental but no matter)
    Dependant on the size of your disks/backups you might set a retention policy of two 2 full backup chains for example
    If you want to add petitions to D to better manage things then ensure you are backing up disks or if petitions then just add any new petitions to the backup schedule
    There is no point backing up to D as if you lose the disk not only lose your data you lose the backup too
    I would then go even further and occasionally back up to a removable disk and store this away from home
    This will mitigate a catastrophic failure such as flood of fire (you never know!)
    Macrium is an excellent program and is well worth the money if you do decide to upgrade (I swapped from Acronis which was truly awful!)
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    I do this:

    1. Create a separate backup partition on your HDD and use this to make frequent images of your system on drive C. I do this to avoid the need to backup this partition on drive D.
    2. Backup the system on drive C and your user files on the HDD to an external hard disk
    3. Use file history to copy your user files to the external drive.

    You will then have 2 back up storage locations for your system backups and your user files. Also, consider making a further full backup to another external HDD stored in another location and not normally connected to the PC in case of ransomware attack or your house burning down!
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    There are lots of configurations possible with cloud.
    Are you looking for backup more for operating system failure to boot, or malware, or drive failure?
    Most often the problem is with operating system or partition on the drive.
    Another options is to only place the operating system and applications on the SSD and have the User on the HD. All files, pictures etc. will default when saved to the HD. Then you would back up this HD with the cloud or the larger HD.
    The operating system can always be reinstalled with a Windows 10 iso or with Macrium.
    The applications can be manually reinstalled.
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    Here's the way I have mine currently (for ideas):

    C: OS and programs drive:
    Samsung 960 Pro 512Gb

    D: User files and folders and program caches
    Samsung 850 Pro 512Gb

    E: File history and Google Drive backup
    Samsung 850 Evo 1Tb

    F: Games
    Samsung 850 Evo 2Tb

    I know this isn't feasible for everyone but it works well for me.
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    Keeping OS and progs on SSD, and data on HDD usage good idea.

    You really only need to use Macrium to image the OS drive. There are many tools suitable for backing up the data drive. I just do it manually with File Explorer. I would partition HDD so you have space to store SSD image backup, as well as to an external drive. Re. data, backup really valuable data to two external sources (cloud is good if you have good broadband speeds eg OneDrive).
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    I keep the OS separate in case it goes screwy in which case I can just format without loosing anything.
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