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So is it proven that a Windows 7 and Windows 10 image backup on the same hard disk drive in different directories causes faults or has this not been proven?
I do keep W10 and W7 images on the same drive for my test machine (System Two in my specs below). But they must never be kept in the same WindowsImageBackup folder, else you loose sight of the W10 images. So I have two, one I've named WindowsImageBackup.W10 and another named WindowsImageBackup.W7. I rename the appropriate one back to WindowsImageBackup when I need to restore or save an image to it. Also, in order to restore a W7 image you must boot from the W7 recovery CD (which I've copied to a bootable USB). More on how I image my test machine here:
Multiple System Images using Backup & Restore - advice?