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Hydrate, thanks for your input. When the problem surfaced I did disable Malware Bytes but that did not solve the problem. I'm not sure what the glitch was. However, I suspect the Nvidia drivers because there was a recent driver update. This is just my guess. Also making sure the Volume Shadow Copy and Windows Backup were set to "automatic " in the Services may have helped correct the problem. I did strongly suspect that Insider build 16226 was the culprit but when I rolled back to a previous via Macrium Reflect and then let Windows Update download and reinstall 16226 the problem was corrected. Thus, I concluded that 16226 may not have been the culprit.
The only way to determine if VSS and Windows Backup was the culprit is if the problem is to occur again, do not mess around with updating and see if those services have the exact same configuration as before, and alter them.

Then try rstrui.exe (sysrestore) again and see if the issue persists.

Else, try with the Windows Update. That's an interesting problem for the Insider build, is there a reason you chose to remain on the Insider build?

I have to say, System Restore is one of the most complicated Windows components that seems to break a little more often in my experience.