I have tried creating a back up of the windows image on my PC using the inbuilt windows create an image function. I try to save the image to my QNAP NAS which is on the same home network
When I do this I get two error messages 0x807800C5 and 0x80780081. I understand that one error message is to do with the EFI partition, mine is 260Mb GPT (EFI System Partition). I cannot see another EFI system partition anywhere. I understand that the other error message is do with trying to save to an external drive that already has an EFI Partition on it. I have deleted the folder on my NAS where I was trying to save the image to but the message reappears.
So I am at a loss as what to do to get this to work.
I use Macrium without any issues, it is just that being an engineer it bugs me when something does not work as it should and I have this need to fix it.
So any help would be gratefully received.
Thank you.