I have the following task to complete; I would like to capture an image from a machine running Windows 10 enterprise using WinPE and DISM and then using Windows Server 2012 R2, PXE boot the captured image onto 10 other machines on the network. I would not like to use any third party tools to complete this task by the way. I am planning on following this guide: Deploy Windows 10 using MDT 2013 and WDS TheITBros but am having some trouble completely comprehending the guide. If anybody can suggest a better guide which satisfies my requirements I would very much appreciate your suggestions.:)

My first question is (apart from the Server 2012 R2 which is my domain controllor, the 10 machines I wish to PXE boot the Windows 10 enterprise image to, the switch connecting the 10 machines and the network) how many additional machines do I need to complete this task? (I just want to get a clearer picture of how many machines I will need hence the first question)

My second question is about capturing the Windows 10 enterprise image itself. My current understanding is that I have to run sysprep with the generalise and OOBE (set to shutdown) switches to remove the SID's then boot WinPE on the machine and use DISM to capture the Windows 10 enterprise image. Sounds easy so far except that I've looked at some guides online and rather than capturing just the Windows 10 enterprise image, some people also capture their system and recovery partitions. Just to clear up what I mean by this, when you go into diskpart and then type list volume, you are shown (on my machine at least) the system partition which is about 100MB, the recovery partition which is about 500MB and the partition where my operating system is stored which varies from machine in size but is about 470GB on my machine. My point and question is do I only need to use DISM to capture the partition where my operating system is stored e.g. my C:\ drive and will this be enough when I later deploy the captured Windows 10 enterprise image via Server 2012 R2 and PXE booting?

Also, if you could please give me a small explanation on the steps I need to carry out next after capturing the Windows 10 enterprise image with DISM i.e. the steps to deploy the captured image using Server 2012 R2 and PXE booting across my network.This would be really appreciated, thank you.:)

Thank you, gt90