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Hi jimbo45,
I agree with your advice about separating data from the OS but the vast majority of users will never have a problem backing up from within the OS. Over many years, I've had only one problem with VSS and that was when I used the Acronis Cleanup tool after I'd installed Macrium without first uninstalling Acronis. Clearly not the brightest thing to do and I paid for it.

I think the bigger issue is that running any backup from a bootable disk tends to result in users running fewer (differential or incremental) backups. Facing the hassle of rebooting to a USB stick just to run a backup at the end of a computing session often results in me putting of the backup until the next session and I bet I'm not alone in wanting to avoid any extra hassles. On the other hand running a quick differential backup at the end of the day is something I can live with. I guess in the end its up to each person to develop a game plan that balances convenience and protection and that they'll stick with.
Hi there

Thanks for a very well reasoned argument -- given the fact that it's hard enough to get users to take ANY kind of backup obviously the one people install on their Windows systems SHOULD work properly ALL THE TIME.

However I do wish 3rd party vendors would provide 100% CLEAN UNINSTALL stuff -- after all when you test drive a Car you don't expect to get all that cars products still cluttering up your new test drive when testing a different make - why would you put specific BMW brake fluid for example into a Chevy pickup truck.