Ive been using acronis for quite some time now since version 2013 and its been getting worse and worse.

i need backup software to be able to do the following

  • backup the entire drive of a computer
  • restore an image with some auto resizing inteligence (acronis does this well, the EFI boot, recovery partitions are not resized but the main drive is expanded or shrunk to whatever the target drive size is, macrium is by hand but works good)
  • boot using BIOS/MBR or EFI method
  • support a TRIM operation (acronis 2014 can do this and worked flawlessly but then disappeared in 2015+?, it has saved me at least 20-30 mins in some cases)
  • support M2 PCIe/NVMe (only acronis 2016/2017 does this but 16/17 dont have trim support)
  • have good resolution support when booting off USB (macrium does this pretty well)
  • restore to dissimilar hardware (acronis universal restore/macrium redeploy) - prefer it to be included not like acronis where its on another usb stick
  • good NIC driver support (acronis is good, macrium is bad without tinkering)
  • good Raid driver support (acronis is good, macrium is bad without tinkering)
  • drive clone that actually works (acronis always errors out if im doing a SATA to USB copy)
  • USB 3, eSATA, thunderbolt support (new versions of acronis and macrium have this)
  • prefer free (macrium is mostly free)
  • OSX/Mac compatible (surprisingly macrium can boot on mac but cant restore things properly, acronis is a nogo
  • MBR/EFI boot partition fix
  • good hyper v support and peripheral support (acronis sucks in all these categories but since macrium is winpe it works good)
  • displays progress, ETA and write speeds (prefer MB/s) helps if i have to tell someone how long its going to take

just to add, i dont intent to leave any software installed on windows, its a pure USB boot tool